My passion for food has driven me to get involved with cooking from an early age developing a personality in culinary arts.  My commitment to the industry led me to my studies: I hold a master’s degree in international hospitality management with distinction from the University of Derby and a first-class Bachelor of Arts degree in Professional Culinary Arts from the same University.

I have a background in the Hospitality Industry, and started in 2006 working in kitchens in Cyprus and the UK. My experience in the Hospitality industry in Cyprus and UK as a chef working in very demanding and quality hotels, restaurants and pubs gave me the opportunity to develop skills such as leadership, deliver quality service and customer satisfaction. As a kitchen manager I had the experience of being in charge for all the preparations and service of the restaurant, control and organize the staff duties for the service, creating and prepare new menus for the restaurant and control and manage labour cost, food cost etc. 

After thirteen years working in the hospitality industry in Cyprus and the UK, I joined the University of Cumbria in December 2020, as a Lecturer in Tourism Management. My field of research to date has focused on gamification and understanding hotel visitors’ motives when using hotel gamified applications. This has now led to broadening the research to include levels of satisfaction, visitor traits and happiness indexes in the tourism and hospitality industry, where gamification is used in the research methodologies and methods. This research has attracted funding from a Destination Management organisation and SME’s. in the U.K looking at an innovative digital solution enabling deeper understanding of visitor behaviour in Cumbria.   

Qualifications and memberships

PhD: “Understanding hotel visitors’ motives to use hotel gamified applications”, University of Derby, UK 

MA in International Hospitality Management (distinction), University of Derby, UK

BA (Hons) in Professional Culinary Arts (first class degree), University of Derby, UK

Diploma in Culinary Arts, Higher Hotel Institute of Cyprus

Academic and research interests

My field of research is focused on gamification and understanding hotel visitors’ motives when using hotel gamified applications. My principal research interests lie in the field of tourism and hospitality, new technologies, gamified applications, e-marketing, mobile application systems in marketing, management and operations.

Research supervision

Currently supervising 2 PhD students 





 Demos Parapanos & Eleni Michopoulou (2022) Innovative Mobile Technology in Hotels and the Use of Gamification, Tourism Planning & Development, DOI: 10.1080/21568316.2022.2107563 


Book Chapters: 

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Conference Papers & Poster Presentations: 

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Recent external roles

External Examiner for BSc Tourism Management and BSc Tourism Management (with Placement), University of Sunderland

External Examiner, London Geller College of Hospitality and Tourism 

Peer Reviewing

  • Reviewer for the Events Management journal 
  • Reviewer for the International Journal of Spa & Wellness 
  • Reviewer for the Tourism Planning & Development Journal 
  • Reviewer for the Sustainability journal