Qualifications and memberships

PhD in Sport Rehabilitation (University of Hull), BSc (Hons) in Sport Rehabilitation (University of Salford)

Academic and research interests

Injury screening and prevention

Fatigue and injury risk

Endurance events

Clinical tests for injury

Exercise rehabilitation


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Recent external roles

PositionInstitutionDate Held
Sport Rehabilitation External Examiner Northampton University   2021-Present
Sport Rehabilitation External Examiner London South Bank University   2018-Present
External Examiner for Ph.D Solent University                      2020
External Examiner for BASRaT accreditation     Northumbria University              2020
External Examiner for BASRaT accreditation     Teesside University                   2019
External Examiner for BASRaT accreditation     Liverpool Hope University 2018
External Examiner for course validation London South Bank University   2018