Biography I have 26 years of teaching and leadership experience both in schools and the university context, as well as in the UK and in Africa. During this time, I have been involved with curriculum development, establishing pedagogic cultures founded in the works of Dewey and Friere, as well as establishing ‘communities of practice’ (Lave & Wenger, 1999) and ‘praxis architectures’ (Kemmis, 2008) within networks I have either established or worked within, developing behaviours for learning through authentic pupil voice and participation.

Qualifications and memberships

MA in Educational Research & Monitoring

MSc in Environmental & Development Studies

National Professional Qualification for Head teachers (NPQH)

Professional Doctorate in Education (EdD) 

Academic and research interests

Challenging Fixed Ability Thinking and Associated Practices & Pedagogy for Transformability


Wright, P (2020) Pedagogy for Transformability: a challenge to ‘psychological prisons’ of fixed learner identities and claims of ‘pedagogic naivety’? Teachers’ perspectives. FORUM 62:1, pp19-29