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Professor Emeritus Pete Boyd, PhD


I am professor emeritus in professional learning at the University of Cumbria and focused on supporting the development of research-informed practice in education. I work as an education consultant, research mentor and doctoral research supervisor with academics, lecturers and teachers in universities, colleges, and schools. In my early career I taught in comprehensive schools and outdoor education for 15 years before moving to a teacher educator role based in higher education. I currently contribute to PhD research supervision and welcome enquiries from potential research students. I lead the research and development project ‘becoming a teacher educator’ and have also published research on the work and identity of professional educators in nursing and applied health professions. I have a research interest in assessment and feedback and am currently chair of the assessment in higher education network conference. As an associate consultant with Advance HE, I am part of the ‘degree standards’ project which is focused on shared academic standards and professional development of external examiners in higher education. I collaborate in research with schoolteachers, including a role within the NNW maths hub, and current projects are focused on material-dialogic teaching, mastery teaching approaches in maths and mixed-age teaching.

Qualifications and memberships


Academic and research interests

Pete's research is focused on the professional learning of educators with two main areas of activity:

Close to practice collaborative projects with school teacher researchers - including recent projects on dialogue, mastery approaches to maths and developing self-regulated learners. As an example, outputs from his recent two year R&D project with teacher researchers across the Deep Learning Teaching Schools Alliance, are co-authored with the Alliance Director Andy Ash and include two open access research journal papers: the first is on change in teacher strategies and the second is on change in teacher beliefs an open access CPD resource mastery maths no problem for school to school development including two mastery approaches to maths video lessons and the pop-up website from a follow-up project of mastery maths in Carlisle.

Research into higher education including assessment and feedback and academic identity, work and learning, with a particular focus on professional education fields - especially teacher education. Open access resources include guidelines for induction of teacher educators, a research study of a school-based teacher educator, and chapters on the pedagogy of realistic clinical practice for teacher education and professional learning for teachers for teachers and teacher educators.

Research supervision

PhD supervisor completions at University of Cumbria except *Lancaster University and **University of Porto:

Collective Mindset in a primary school (Dr Pippa Leslie 2021)

The research-teaching nexus in teacher education (Dr Rita Sousa 2021)**

The role of theory in teacher education (Dr James Burch 2020)*

Subject leaders and the National Curriculum in UK Schools (Dr Steve Chubb 2020)*

Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivations in Teacher Professional Development (Dr Kevin Proudfoot 2018)

Nurse educator identity and pedagogy (Dr Sue Harness 2018)

Professional identity formation by student teachers (Dr Deborah Seward 2018)*

The role of emotional knowledge in learning to teach (Dr Eamonn Pugh 2017)

Student teachers’ conceptions of Assessment for Learning (Dr Donna Hurford 2016)

To what extent is feedback in teacher education ‘for’ learning? (Dr Mark Carver 2016)

Collaborative agency across boundaries in the UK Children’s Workforce (Dr Kaz Stuart 2013)


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Recent external roles

Visiting Professor of Academic Development at Newman University - workshop on research quality June 2019

Keynote speaker on developing research-informed practice in Education, University of Wolverhampton June 2019

Research presentation Teacher Education Policy in Europe (TEPE) conference Caracow Poland May 2019

Lead facilitator - becoming a teacher educator workshops at TEAN conference Birmingham May 2019

Keynote speaker 'leadership and pedagogy in mathematics' maths hub launch conference Liverpool April 2019

Chair of the 'Assessment in Higher Education' conference, Manchester June 2019

Keynote speaker Maths Mastery Leadership conference, Dubai March 2019

Keynote speaker, Assessment in MENA (AIM) conference, Abu Dhabi April 2019

Keynote speaker on Assessment in Higher Education at Queen Mary University, London Student Transitions conference, January 2016

Keynote speaker on Being a Teacher Educator at Huddersfield University conference on teacher education, June 2016 Academic Development consultancy for British Council providing workshops on Assessment with University Teachers in Saudi Arabia, October 2015.

Research Mentor supporting teacher researchers: Deep Learning Teaching School Alliance, Wirral, England 2015 - ongoing.

Research mentor supporting teacher researchers: Robert Ferguson Primary School, Carlisle, England 2014 - ongoing Research mentor supporting teacher researchers: North Liverpool Teaching Alliance 2012 - 2015

External consultant on accreditation of an MA Teaching in Lifelong Learning at Huddersfield University 2012

External consultant on accreditation of a new Postgraduate Certificate on Teacher Education aimed at school-based teacher educators Strathclyde University 2012

Consultant on accreditation of a programme on teaching, learning and assessment in higher education for teacher fellows and postgraduate researchers at UCL 2011

External consultant on developing assessment and feedback at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts 2009

External Accreditor for the Higher Education Academy 2007 - 2011

Facilitator of HE Academy / TEAN national academic induction seminars for teacher educators 2007-2012