Georgina Callister is an Occupational Therapist with a background in: social care; community practice; housing including major adaptation and adaptive equipment. She joined the University of Cumbria in September 2003. Academic specialities and roles include: lead practice placement tutor (work based learning) and mentorship. Georgina is currently an External Examiner for Sheffield Hallam University and Canterbury Christchurch University; an Accreditor for the Royal College of Occuaptional Therapists (RCOT) and is also currently Chair of the RCOT National Practice Placement Tutors Forum.

Qualifications and memberships

Academic Qualifications:

PgCE (L&T), MA Health Research, Dip.College of Occuapational Therapists (Dip.COT) 

Senior Fellow of Higher Education Academy


Health and Care Professions Council

Royal College of Occuaptional Therapists (RCOT):

    -   RCOT Special Interest Section in Housing

    -   RCOT Practice Placement Tutors Forum (Chair)

    -   RCOT APPLE Steering Group

Academic and research interests

Practice placement related issues


Social care

Accessible environments / assistive technologies/ housing modification.


Callister G. (2010) Invited Speaker: IPL for students on Placements. Conference: Placements the Way Forwards for Scotland. Dumfries

Callister G. (2011) Working with students: a CPD opportunity for APs? British Journal of Healthcare Assistants, 2011 5;1:38-41

Callister G. (2012) Workshop presentation: Role Emerging Placements and Employability. Integrating Employability Conference University of Cumbria

Thomas, P and Callister G (2012) Poster Presentation: 36th College of Occupational Therapists Annual Conference & Exhibition, Glasgow, June/ July 2012

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Callister G. (2013) Role  Emerging Placements  – a supervision model. Presentation. College of Occupational Therapists Practice Placement Conference, London, December 2013

Livesey, C and Callister G (2014) Support before, during and after….creation of a practice placement pack for students. OTNews, 22(6) 2014

Recent external roles

External Examiner Bangor University (retired October 2014)

External Examiner Cardiff University (retired December 2012)

External Examiner Sheffield Hallam (September 2015 - September 2020)

Canterbury Christchurch University (September 2019 onwards - 2023)

Chair of the Royal College of Occupational Therapists Practice Placement Tutor Forum (July 2018 - present)

Royal College of Occupational Therapists Accreditor (November 2015 - present)