I have worked in Academic Quality and Development at the University of Cumbria for the last 12 years. Prior to working for the University of Cumbria I worked in the FE sector Lecturing in Travel and Tourism and Basic skills maths; prior to this I had a varied career in the Travel Industry.

My responsibilities are organising and planning the logistics of the CPD provision that CAPE provides for academic colleagues across 5 campuses and liaising with individual colleagues, subject teams and leaders regarding how CAPE can meet CPD needs. I also provide the administration for the UKPSF scheme and the PGCert LTHE programme.

The task I enjoy the most is running the internal Annual Learning and Teaching Fest which draws together academic and professional services to showcase some of the most innovative and effective practice across the University. It is a logistical challenge and the reward comes from the positive impact we see Fest having on LTA.