I worked as a diagnostic radiographer within the NHS for 5 years whilst studying for the award of PhD. I came to work at the University of Cumbria in 2000, where I have been mainly responsible for the development of modules around the patient care aspects of diagnostic radiography for both the BSc and MSc medical imaging awards. Part of this role also involves supervising students whilst they are on clinical placement. I also have an input into those research modules as related to medical imaging.

My research area of interest tends to focus on those aspects that relate to patient care in radiography, including; communication skills; breaking bad news and dealing with claustrophobia. I have undertaken my own research, as well as supervised others research in these areas. I have experience of research supervision at undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral levels. I also have some experience of successful grant applications from the CoRIPS scheme (£11,000 and £1500 respectively), which we have used in our projects that investigate leadership skills and breaking bad news in radiography.

I also have an interest in research ethics and for this reason I am a member of the research ethics committee at the University Cumbria and I am a funded chair of the NHS research ethics committee.

Qualifications and memberships

(1995) BSc(Hons) Diagnostic Radiography (1999) Transactional Analysis 101 Certificate

(2002) PhD in Communication Strategies in Diagnostic Radiography

Academic and research interests

Communication skills

Breaking bad news

Dealing with claustrophobia


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Recent external roles

January 2003 - Senior Lecturer at the University of Cumbria (Current Academic Post)

September 2000 - Lecturer at St. Martin's College

November 1997 - Senior Radiographer Royal Preston Hospital July 1995 - Radiographer Royal Lancaster Infirmary