Professor Lois Mansfield, PhD

  • Professor of Upland Landscapes, and Director of Ambleside Campus
  • Institute of Science and Environment, The Senior Leaders Team
  • Centre for National Parks and Protected Areas (CNPPA)
  • Geography
Professor Lois Mansfield, PhD


Current Responsibilities - Director of Ambleside campus responsible for student experience, business development and stakeholder engagement. Lois continues to teach on the BSc Geography programme in the areas of rural resource management and rural economy. She recently became a receipient of a Winston Churchill Fellowship (2019) related to place-based rural development using cultural capital in Japan. She is also research active in the area of upland agriculture a as part of the Centre for national Parks & Protected Areas.

Recent Relevant Employment Experience

2010 - 2018 Principal Lecturer, Department of Science, Natural Resources & Outdoor Studies
2008 - 2010 Quality Group Lead, School of Outdoor Studies, Faculty of Science and Natural Resources, University of Cumbria
1998 - 2008 0.5 Principal Lecturer/0.5 Senior Lecturer, HE Environmental Management, The Uplands Centre, Faculty of Science and Natural Resources, UCLan and University of Cumbria

Qualifications and memberships

Academic Qualifications

1994 - PhD Land Diversification and Environmental Management in Eastern England, Coventry University

1990 - MA Rural Studies, University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada

1989 - BSc(Hons) Geography (2.1), Coventry Polytechnic

Other Qualifications

2017 - Senior Fellow HEA

2001 - Advanced Health & Safety Certificate (CIEH)

1999 - Introduction to GIS

1997 - NVQ3 + TDLB D32, D33, D34 – Teaching, Learning & Development

Current Professional Affiliations & Memberships

Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society with the Institute of British Geographers

Academic and research interests

  • Upland Agriculture and other land use conflicts in uplands
  • Upland resource management and all its dimensions
  • Ecosystem Services
  • The value of field work

Research supervision

Doctoral Supervision

Mauro Lanfranchi -  Carbon input into UK forest soils from below and aboveground litter

Sara Iverson - Woodland expansion in the uplands of Cumbria


Journal Articles

Mansfield L (2018) ‘Brexit: the shape of things to come.’ Cumbria Magazine October p13 to 17

Mansfield L (2018) ‘Managing the Uplands: a need for a fresh approach.’ The Ecologist commentary 17th May

Mansfield L (2018) ‘The Geology of High Borrowdale.’ Conserving Lakeland Vol77 p8/9

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Mansfield L, Brown G and Martin H (2006) ‘Sustaining an upland agricultural labour force in Cumbria: the FFTS.  Journal of Rural Enterprise & Management Vol 2(2) p43 to 62

  1. Monographs.

Mansfield L (2011) ‘Upland Agriculture and the Environment’ Badger Press: Windermere sponsored by The Nineveh Trust

Collaborative works

Mansfield L (2018) ‘Upland Resource Management: New Approaches for rural Environments Whittles Publishing: Dunbeath [collaborative elements with eight other authors – professionals and academics.] 652pp. 

Book Chapters

Humberstone B., Mansfield L., Prince H (2017) ‘The Environment, Leisure and the Outdoors’ in: Piggin J, Mansfield L & Weed M ‘The Routledge of Physical Activity Policy and Practice’ Routledge: London

Mansfield L (2016) ‘Land Management and Outdoor Recreation in UK’ Chapter 30 in:     Humberstone B et al ‘International Handbook of Outdoor Studies’ Routledge: London

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Mansfield, L (2008) ‘The Cumbria Hill Sheep Initiative: a solution to the decline in the Upland Hill Farming Community in England?’ p161 to 184 in: Robinson G ‘Sustainable Rural Systems – Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Communities’ Ashgate: Aldershot 

Burton R, Mansfield L, Schwarz G, Brown K. & Convery, I (2009) ‘Social Capital in upland Farming Systems’ in: Bonn et al ‘Drivers for Environmental change in uplands’ Routledge: London

Professional Reports

Mansfield L (2019) 'Gap Analysis of Post Brexit Hll Farm Support in Cumbria.' Prepared for: Royal Society of Arts, London.

Mansfield L (2010) ‘Farmers’ Views on Vital Uplands, Bassenthwaite Catchment, Cumbria.’ Prepared for: Natural England

Mansfield L (2010) ‘HNV Farmland in the Mountains of England’ Box 7.7 in: ‘Europe’s ecological backbone: recognising the true value of our mountains.’ European Environment Agency; Copenhagen.

Burton R., Mansfield L., Schwarz G, Brown K. & Convery I. (2004) ‘Social Capital in Hill’ Farming’  A report for the International Centre for the Uplands (DEFRA website)

Mansfield L (2005) ‘Sustaining upland agriculture in Cumbria: the Fell Farming Training

Scheme’ Looking to the Hills Issue 13 Newsletter of the Uplands Lead Co-ordination Network

Mansfield L & Martin H (2004) ‘Evaluation of the Fell Farming Traineeship Scheme’ A report for  Cumbria Fells & Dales LEADER+

Conference Proceedings

Mansfield L (2015) ‘Upland Farming Landscapes and Wilding: A Cumbrian example’ Wild Thin – Wilding the British Landscape, University of Sheffield 9 to 11 September

Mansfield L (2014) ‘Rural Development: Supporting the third ‘Leg’ for sustainable Upland farming.’ p29 to 50 in: Atherden M & Wallace V ‘The Future of the Uplands: Prospects for Northern England’ PLACE: York

Mansfield L & Peck F (2012) ‘Applying Fair Trade to British upland Agriculture’ Track Proceedings of the 18th International sustainable Development Research Conference, University of Hull. 28- 30 June.

Conference Presentations

2018 Upland Sheep: a curse or a vital tool? Royal Geographical Society Annual Conference University of Cardiff 28 Aug to 31 Aug

2018 DEFRA Green Paper Consultation Event for Cumbria & NW Rheged 4 April

2018 Catholic Rural Network National Conference, Gastang, Lancashire 6 Feb

2017 Reintroduction of the Lynx and Farmers Attitudes. Royal Geographical Society Annual Conference, Kensington Gore, 31 Aug to 2 Sept

2017 Uplands Farming at: ‘The Future of Upland Management’ Rose Regeneration & University of Chester May 13

2015  Upland Farming Landscapes and Wilding: A Cumbrian example’ Wild Thing, University of Sheffield 9 to 11 September

2014 ‘The Place of Upland Farming in managing Wilder Landscapes’ Wilder by Design, University of Sheffield, 11-15 May

2013 ‘Rural Development: Supporting the third ‘Leg’ for sustainable Upland farming.’ p29 to 50 ‘The Future of the Uplands: Prospects for Northern EnglandPLACE, 11 October, York

2012 ‘What’s Going down in the Uplands?’ Pennine Prospects (South Pennines LEADER), Mechanics Institute, Marsden, 19 October

2012 ‘The Big Issues for Uplands in Cumbria Post 2013’ Rose Regeneration Regional Development Seminars, Ambleside, 22 February

2011 Presentation ‘Present and Future Issues for Cumbrian Farming Cumbria Fair and Local: Fairtrade Conference, Rheged, Penrith, Nov 2

2010  Presentation ’Community Resilience in Upland Agriculture of Cumbria.’ Royal Geographical Society with the Institute of British Geographers Annual Conference, RGS, Kensington Gore, 1-3 September

2006  Poster Presentation for International Centre for the Uplands Conference 2-6 June

2005  Paper presented at European Society Rural Sociologists Kesthely, Hungary 20-26 Aug

2004  Fell Farming Traineeship: Evaluation for FFTS Conference on behalf of LEADER+, 16 December

2004  Poster presentation, the FFTS for International Centre for the Uplands Conference, 9-10 November

2004  International Geographical Congress paper presentation ‘Sustaining Upland Agriculture in Cumbria and the FFTS’, 11-15 August

Recent external roles

Peer Reviewing

Grant applications

ESRC rapporteur 2013 – Transforming knowledge for Upland change

Journal articles

Land Use Policy

‘Commonage in Southern Ireland’

‘Making Rural Partnerships work -  a case study from the Northumberland National Park’

Reviewing of programmes for other HEIs

Periodic Review Geography Provision Edgehill December – March 2015/16

External agency Membership

Cumbria LEP Rural Sector Working Group Jan 2018 to present

Lake District World Heritage Technical Advisory group June 2018 to presentLake District Post CAP working group April 2018 to present

Lake Disrict State of the Park working groups - farming, water and soils Dec 2017

Cumbria Fells & Dales LAG Board member 2015 to present

Cumbria Floods Partnership 2015 to current

Windermere Reflections HLF Board member 2011 to 2014