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Academic and research interests

Forest canopies create complex heterogeneous environments supporting multiple species. I research how canopies are formed by the sunlight they receive and take information from that sunlight to enact changes in the optical properties of leaves of their contingent species. This knowledge allows us to better model photosynthesis and ecosystem processes in forests and to gain a deeper understanding of their ecology. It can also be applied to improve crop selection and productivity and to assess how stable vs fluctuating experimental conditions affect plant performance.

Research supervision

I supervise post-doctoral, doctoral and masters students studying the effects of the spectral composition of sunlight in forest canopies and understorey on trees, understorey plants and decomposing litter. I also supervise students funded by the Norwegian Research Council looking for paleoecological pollen proxies to trace long-term trends in global solar UV radiation. 

I also supervise final year undergraduates in Woodland Ecology and Conservation at the University of Cumbria studying diverse topics including: woodland soil carbon sequestration, pollinator respose to mowing, and the effects of biotic/abiotic stressors on aspens.



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Recent external roles

I am co-lead author for Terrestrial Ecosystems and Biogeochemical Cycling on the UNEP Environmental Effects Assessment Panel (EEAP) based around the interactions of climate and ozone depletion at a global scale. As a panel, we synthesize and disseminate knowledge on the anthropogenic impacts of climate change on the environment (see Barnes et al., 2019 Nature Sustainability). The breadth of assessment also incorporates global terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, biogeochemical cycling, pollution and human health.