As Resource Manager for Printmaking, my role is to ultimately support students within this area and to provide a safe and stimulating environment for them to work in. I deliver technical demonstrations on printmaking processes to all students and whilst I think it’s vital to master a technique I also believe it’s equally as important to experiment with it and explore its possibilities to create something unique and original. I want students to enjoy the printmaking process as much as I do and along with other colleagues help them realise their ideas, in whatever medium.

Over the past two years I have been doing a PGCE in Education in the Lifelong Sector; having now completed it I am now looking forward to making work again. The beginnings of my work emerge from the lines, marks and forms found in the landscape. I work intuitively responding to drawings and the medium involved, and usually have no pre-conception of what the final outcome will be. This usually evolves through the process of printmaking and in particular the interaction between each layer, colour and plate.