I have a background in technology and product development, having worked within and with academia in getting research 'from bench to boardroom' for around twenty years. I was a director of a medical electronics start-up company and before coming to the University of Cumbria developed and led industrial partnerships for research and knowledge transfer at the University of Leeds. My research interests are in technology adoption and involving users in technology development in healthcare. I have done research into the barriers and issues in adoption of telehealth, consultancy work for a number of NHS and private sector organisations, teaching on the Digital Health and Social Care course and working with app developers and other technology companies to support them in demonstrating evidence and benefits to health customers.

More recently, I have been involved in understanding how innovation happens in rural areas, within public services and in companies. Some of this work has been in collaboration with colleagues in the Business School, as well as external partners.

I am broadly interested in understanding how to improve innovation processes, with users and designers, as well as at an organisational or policy level.

Qualifications and memberships

PhD in Physics (University of Cambridge)

Academic and research interests

Technology adoption and technology translation

Innovation processes and the involvement of users in technology development

Development and application of the Stakeholder Empowered Adoption Model for Telehealth

Skills development in digital health implementation for health and care professionals, managers and leaders

Rural innovation ecosystems


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Recent external roles

Member of the Innovation Caucus for Innovate UK and ESRC

Member of the Lancashire & South Cumbria Change Programme Digital Health Board and the Cumbria NHS Success Regime Informatics Governance Board