Sally Hawkins is a post graduate researcher at the University of Cumbria. She has two roles - firstly a research associate on the interdisciplinary and cross-university project Creative Adaptive Solutions for the Treescapes of Rivers, part of the NERC-funded Treescapes initiative. Sally is also completing a PhD which aims to create a framework for rewilding under the supervision of Ian Convery, Lisa Fenton and Darrell Smith from UoC and Steve Carver from the University of Leeds. She is a core member of the IUCN CEM Rewilding Thematic Group and a founding trustee of the Lifescape Project. In research and practice her focus is on implementing landscape or systemic change, with particular focus on cultural change using a social-ecological systems approach. She is an experienced and published social science researcher with a background in project management for STEM publishing and environmental management.  

Academic and research interests

Rewilding, qualitative research methods, social-ecological systems, systemic change

Research supervision

Research Supervisors:

Ian Convery, University of Cumbria

Steve Carver, University of Leeds

Lisa Fenton, University of Cumbria

Darrell Smith, University of Cumbria


Carver, S., Convery, I., Hawkins, S., et al. (2021) Guiding principles for rewilding. Conservation Biology, 35(6). 

Hawkins, S.A., Brady, D., Mayhew, M., et al. (2020) Community perspectives on the reintroduction of Eurasian lynx (Lynx lynx) to the UK. Restoration Ecology, 28(6).