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Medical Clearance

Medical Clearance

If the completion of a medical is a condition of your offer, you will be required to undertake a health assessment.  This will be via an on-line platform provided by our appointed Occupational Health provider, Industrial Diagnostics Company Limited.


Data Sharing

In order to facilitate this process, we will share with Industrial Diagnostics Company Limited (IDC) the below information, which includes some of your personal data.

  • Student number
  • Name
  • Course
  • Date of birth
  • Email address
  • Telephone number (home and mobile)


The Process

IDC will email applicants that have accepted their offers and require a medical with fitness to train questionnaire.  If you have applied to study a health programme, this will be followed up with a separate email to complete your vaccination history information.  IDC will then make any arrangements with you for any additional vaccinations and blood tests you require – the vaccination and blood clinics will take place post-registration. 

Applicants that accept UoC as their firm choice will receive an email from Industrial Diagnostics Company Limited with instructions on how to log on to their system and how to complete the fitness to train questionnaire.

It is important to monitor your spam/trash during the health assessment process as your IT system set up may divert the emails to these folders.

Please note: The email address will be

Please be aware that if you fail to complete this check, this will affect your ability to enter your chosen course and to attend placement. If you wish, you can object to your records being shared with Industrial Diagnostics Company Limited, however, if you do, you will not meet the entry requirements for your chosen course and we will have to reject your application.

Please take the time to read/watch the presentation and leaflet below in full. 


Education Courses

Applicants will need to complete the questionnaire and attend any follow up sessions as determined by IDC. Please watch the medical clearance presentation below to see how the process works.

Medical Clearance Presentation


Pre-Reg Health Courses

Applicants will need to complete the questionnaire and attend any follow-up sessions as determined by IDC.

You must supply evidence of your current vaccination history – please watch the presentation below to see how this process will take place.

Post-registration you need to attend vaccination and blood clinics – these can take several months to ensure your immunity levels are satisfactory. Even if you have supplied evidence you have a full vaccination history as required for your course you will need to attend for blood tests to check your immunity levels.

Please read the information leaflet that details what is required.  The contact details for our Occupational Health provider are also on the leaflet should you have questions.

Industrial Diagnostics Company Limited will protect the privacy, confidentiality and integrity of the information they collect, store, transfer and process in accordance with the Data Protection Laws, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and to meet their legal requirements and contractual obligations. Should you wish to know more, further information can be found within their privacy notice.

A ‘Management Referral’ can be made by the University when we feel additional information is required concerning applicants and/or student. 

You are required to view the presentation below to find out more about the process.  You will need sound during the presentation.

All Pre-Reg Health applicants – please read the Vaccines and Blood Test leaflet below so you are fully aware of the requirements for your course.

Medical Clearance Presentation

Vaccines and Blood Tests


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