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Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) DBS


The Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks the criminal records background of people who wish to work with children and vulnerable groups.

Please note: This information is for new students. If you are a student returning to a course or with a deferred/resit placement, please contact the Programme Administration (PAD) team

Getting your DBS check

There are four elements to getting your DBS check:

1. Confirm your Nationality and Right to Work in the UK.

2. Complete our online DBS application form.

3. Have your identity verified by providing certain ID documents.

4. Receive your DBS certificate.

Providing ID Evidence of Right to Work for DBS

To meet our UK Visa and Immigration obligations, we need to ensure that students have the Right to Study and Right to Work in the UK and are required to obtain evidence of this prior to completing the DBS check.  

Please Note: We are unable to process your DBS application until we have confirmed your Right to Work in the UK.  If you are unable to supply the required documents, please contact the DBS team at and the team can discuss what documents you have. 

The ID Evidence you need to provide will be different depending on your nationality.  Please read the options below to see what ID Evidence you are required to provide: 

If you are a British Citizen born within or outside the UK:

If you are an Irish citizen:

If you are a British National born outside the UK whose Nationality is one of the below:

If you are an EU, EEA or Non-EEA National, including Swiss Nationals. (Other than British and Irish Citizens):


Digital Right to Work ID Check (Must have a current UK Address):

Documentary evidence in person:

Documentary evidence by post:

Right to Work Share Code (EU/EEA nationals):

Having your identity verified

There are different ID Verification options depending on what ID documents you are using, and where you live.

As of July 2023, we are implementing a new Digital ID checking service which allows you to complete your ID check online instead of having to do an in-person ID check.  

If you do not hold a current and valid photo identity document, then you will not be eligible to complete a Digital ID check and will need to complete your DBS ID check differently according to where you live.

Please see Providing ID Documents for more information. 

You can view the list of acceptable ID documents here. 

Make sure you receive your certificate

Finally - you need to be in receipt of your DBS certificate: please look out for this in the post. It will be posted to you by the DBS; it does not come via or from the University. Please keep your DBS certificate safe! You will be asked to provide it when on placement.  

How To Register with the DBS update service

If you wish you can also join the DBS Update Service now, on receipt of your DBS certificate.  You have 30 calendar days to register with the DBS Update Service, with the issue date of the DBS Certificate being the 1st calendar day. 

Criminal Record Self-disclosure

If you have, or think you may have, a criminal record, you need to submit a Criminal Record Self Disclosure Form now (if you have not sent it in already). For more information on this and the form itself, please refer to Self-disclosure of criminal record. 

You also need to do your online DBS application and have your ID verified as soon as possible, to allow maximum time for our clearance procedure. You cannot be DBS-cleared (and, therefore, complete this Admissions check requirement) until we have seen your DBS certificate at the end of the process, so it is important that you submit your online DBS application as early as possible. 

Overseas Police Checks

As a DBS check can only cover time spent in the UK if you have lived, or are currently living, outside the UK you will need to obtain an overseas police check of some kind.  This is separate to applying for your DBS check.  

Please refer to Overseas Criminal Records Checks for further information. 

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