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Self-disclosure of criminal record

Do you have a criminal record that may show-up on a DBS check?

If you have a criminal record that may show-up on a DBS check (as explained below), you are obliged to declare this to the University of Cumbria at the earliest possible stage, before the result of your DBS check is issued.

Please note that the self-disclosure form is an addition (for those to whom it applies) to the DBS application process; it is not your actual DBS application.

Having a criminal record will not automatically prevent you from pursuing your chosen course, but it does mean that we have to carry out an assessment of your suitability and gather information from you about the offence(s). In a very few cases this may ultimately mean that you cannot be cleared for admission, or have to consider an alternative, non-vocational course. Please be assured that we look at all cases individually and consider them in the context of your circumstances and any contributory factors. For more information on our DBS clearance procedure, please see our DBS policy.

To enable us to do this, you need to submit a DBS Self Disclosure Form now, if you have not sent this in already. You do not need to submit this form if you have no criminal record to tell us about.

Should you have any queries or concerns about this please email the DBS Team.

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