Land: what is it for and how do we decide? A democratic study of children and their families’ perspectives

In this online session, Dr Rebekah Ackroyd explores how one community is grappling with the question of how their local land should be used.

27 Mar 2024 - 27 Mar 2024

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Event Overview

In an ever more polarized world, global conflicts become local. In the face of climate change, local communities must grapple with how to navigate changes in land use. How can these conflicts be resolved without the community becoming divided? What if children take a lead in exploring these dilemmas?

In this 1-hour online presentation and discussion session, Dr Rebekah Ackroyd will present key findings from a recent research project funded by the Brian Simon Fellowship fund (BERA). Focusing on a case study class of children aged 9-10, the study sought to use child-led democratic data generation methods to explore children and their families’ views on land use and land conflicts. The case study school exists in a national park area in England where there is common land, as well as land used for farming, tourism, housing, rewilding and leisure. It consequently exemplified many of the broader conflicts about land use. Attendees will be invited to explore together how the findings and methodology of the research might open new lines of enquiry in this field.


Any questions, please email: rebekah.ackroyd@cumbria.ac.uk.

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