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Applicant Visit Day

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Applicant Visit Day

Meet Your Tutor

Attending a university applicant visit day is a great opportunity to meet your academic tutor for the first time.

Experience the course

This is a unique opportunity for prospective students to get a firsthand experience of the course.

Explore the campus

Explore the campus facilities and get a feel of the campus environment before making a final decision.

Experience Your Course on Campus

Get to know your course like never before

Are you holding an offer of a place ready to start in September 2023? An Applicant Visit Day is your chance to get to know your course like never before; it is not an event to be missed. With in-depth facility tours led by course academics and current students, practical workshops, and discussions around what you’ll gain from your course at Cumbria, our exclusive Applicant Visit Days are your opportunity to get to know the course, the people who’ll be teaching you, your potential future classmates, and the opportunities on offer to you.

Don’t miss out and get ahead of (hopefully!) joining us in September.

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What other ways can I engage with the University if I need help and support with my course offer?

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