CRiHS Research Groups

We have seven active research groups in the Centre for Research in Health and Society, the work of these groups is outlined below.


Healthy Ageing Research Team

The healthy ageing research team (HART) is a multidisciplinary research group that is open to anyone to join. We are interested in researching how to promote longer and higher quality lives for all older adults.  

Our current research is focussing on perceptions of ageing in the north of England and evidence of how the wider determinants of health impact on older adults.

To join please contact Professor Kaz Stuart at


Rehabilitation and Healthy Lives Research Group

Some of our outputs include:

For further information please contact Karen Morris and Ross Armstrong at


Trauma and Abuse Research Group

The Trauma and Abuse Research Group is a place for students, practitioners and staff to share research about all forms of trauma and abuse.

Staff publications include:

Systematic Review Group

The systematic review group welcomes any academic member of staff with an interest in undertaking a systematic review. A systematic review is an ideal way to inform evidence-based practice and decision making, they are also useful to help underpin any research grant application. They can result in publications which are eligible for the Research Excellence Framework (REF). The aim of the group is to primarily provide methodological support and advice, we also have links with other universities in the North West. We are not limited to Cochrane reviews, although we do advocate their approach to undertaking systematic reviews.

Recent outputs:

Please contact Tim Donovan and Ross Armstrong for further information.


Practitioner Action Research and Creative Methods Group

This research group supports anyone internally or externally to engage in practitioner action research of all types and to use creative methods more widely.

Some examples of staff publications include:

For more information please contact Charlotte Hardacre at


Narrative Research Group

The narrative research group encourages staff to explore different approaches to story and narratives as approaches to conduct research. For more information please contact Tracy Hayes on


Statistical Methods Group

Please contact Lesley Davidson and Alex Dietrich for more information.

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