CRiHS Research Themes

We have eight themes or areas of research which parallel our subject areas for teaching and learning. These are detailed below:



Our nursing programmes and research agenda spans adult, children’s, learning disability and mental health nursing.



Midwifery research focuses on improving the knowledge and skills needed to be an excellent midwife, and on developing midwife education. An example of a current research project is exploring the wellbeing of midwifery students.


Medical Sciences

The medical sciences encompass radiography, medical imaging and healthcare science.


Rehabilitation and Sports Sciences

Research in this area includes practice and practice education in the fields of physiotherapy, occupational therapy, sport and digital health.


Psychology and Psychological Therapies

Psychology is a wide field and we have a wide range of research with a psychological perspective across multiple dimensions. Research in this theme also includes cognitive behavioural therapy practice and counselling and psychotherapy practice.


Social Work, Children, Families, Health and Social Care

Research in this theme spans practice and practice education across social work, youth work, family work, community development and health and social care.


Paramedic Practice

Paramedic research coalesces under an equalities theme inquiring into how equitable employment in the paramedic service is, and how well and who the paramedic service serves best.


Continuing Professional Development and Health Leadership

Health care leadership and workforce development are key topics with fast paced changes to the health and social care landscape. Research in this theme seeks to understand what the most effective models of leadership are and how they can be implemented to achieve better outcomes for everyone.