The Child, Youth, Family and Community Network

The Child, Youth, Family and Community Network connects interested people to enable more good things to happen for children, youth, families and communities. It is a down to earth, practical, supportive environment with a social justice focus.

This network is for you if you are interested in sharing expertise, knowledge, resources, tools and research across one or more of the following sectors:

What we do

The child, youth, family and community network connects people virtually and face to face in order to enable us to all do our work better. We believe that theory and practice need to come together and inform one another, we believe that there is not enough time for us all to create and innovate, and we believe that everyone is an expert at something.

If you are interested in best practice with children, youth, families and communities then come along to one of our events, share your news with us and get involved. This is the right place for you if you are: an interested person, a parent or carer, a practitioner, manager, leader, academic, student, researcher, commissioner or anything else at all.

We post interesting updates and news on the website, we run seminar series, networking events, conferences, offer CPD and so much more. Let us know what news you would like us to share more widely.

Current projects

Current organisational links