Carolyne Reade

  • Senior Lecturer in Religious Education Course Leader BA(Hons) with QTS Secondary Religious Education
  • Institute of Education
  • Education
 Carolyne Reade

Qualifications and memberships

BA(Hons), MA, PGCE

Academic and research interests

Teaching on the undergraduate and PGCE courses in secondary Religious Education

Empirical approaches to the study of religion

Religion and citizenship

Community Cohesion, identity and diversity

Religious education and new technologies


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Reade C., (2001), 'Twenty Things the Internet can do for RE', 'A Mapping of the RE Web', Why do RE Teachers need Computers?' in Input 8 in RE Today, 18.2 CEM

Contributed to writing team: Draycott P., (ed.), (2005), Green Issues in RE, Birmingham: Christian Education publications

Contributed to writing team: Blaylock L., (ed.), (2007), inclusive RE, Birmingham: Christian Education publications

Reade C., (2000-date), various reviews in: RE Today, Resource, Shap Journal

Recent external roles

Researching education for community cohesion, identity and diversity, especially the interface between RE and citizenship education.

Researching how empirical, fieldwork and ethnographic approaches in RE (learning outside the classroom) can link religion, history, geography, the arts and citizenship to offer new perspectives on spirituality and spiritual heritage.

Problem-based learning, critical thinking and e-learning approaches in RE, as both a feature of teacher training and of learning in secondary RE.