Masterclasses give students the opportunity to explore academic subjects of interest beyond what's covered in the school curriculum.

Masterclasses will be delivered by a leading member of academic staff. Specifically designed for students studying A-levels and other level 3 qualifications, our masterclasses offer an insight into undergraduate study and encourage topical debate.

Attendees at 2020/1 masterclasses will receive a reduced offer of up to 16 UCAS points for future applications to related University of Cumbria courses.*

* The reduction will be applied on application and points cannot be redeemed retrospectively, if you have already applied to the University. They can only be redeemed against University of Cumbria courses linked to the masterclass.

Check out our masterclasses below. Please note: Booking is essential as places are limited!

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Masterclass: Dealing with the ‘Wicked’ Problem of Climate Change


Climate change is perhaps the biggest challenge facing humanity and the planet in the 21st Century. It is a subject that will impact all of our lives, and is an issue we all have strong feelings about.

Masterclass: Youth Crime Preventions Through Sports


Youth crime represents a damaging cost to society: not just to the young people themselves, with lives blighted for their future prospects, but also to communities and the economy as a whole.

Masterclass: Spinning the Wheel - Police Decision Making


Making decisions in Policing is a dynamic and complex process - the decisions that Police Officers make can have a profound effect on the lives of the people they come into contact with.

Masterclass: Sport and Health - An Obvious Alliance


The health of the nation is a topic of continuing concern - the last three decades have seen big increases in the numbers of people presenting with chronic disease profiles.

Masterclass: Observational Sketching


Working in a small A5 sketchbook and with a range of pencils, this workshop introduces prospective students of Art & Design to the effective use of a sketchbook and as a means to test new materials and techniques.

Masterclass: Investigating Serious Crime


Criminal investigation regularly features on TV and in films. This masterclass will provide an authentic experience as attendees are taken on a journey through a 'day in the life' of an investigator.

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