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Institute of Business, Industry and Leadership

School of Business

Superhero Leadership: The power to change me and then the world

Team Dynamics for Organisational Success

School of Justice

An Expert Witness - Police Officer Witness Statements

How does Criminology help us Understand Violence Against Women and Girls

Crime in The Age of Technology

Spinning the Wheel - Police Decision Making

Detained in Custody - Making an Arrest

Investigating Serious Crime

Combatting Terrorism

Fake News


The Law of Criminal Examination

Media, Manipulation, and Misrepresentation of the Law

Institute of Health

Health and Social Care

Making a Difference to Young People's Mental Health and Wellbeing

Tackling Inequalities in Health and Well-being in our Communities

A Week in the Role of a Male Social Worker


Gangs and Violence: From the Peaky Blinders to The Krays and Beyond

In Cold Blood? An Exploration of the Psychology of Violent Behaviour

Sports and Rehabilitation

Practical Injury Screening and Prevention Techniques: Learn what it takes to become a Sport Rehabilitator

Youth Crime Prevention Through Community Sports

Institute of Science and Environment

Conservation and Zoology

Every Species Matters: Biodiversity and Ecosystem Resilience

Forensic and Biomedical Sciences

Secrets in the Blood - Diagnosing Disease

Watching the Dead