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LLB (Hons) - Law

Study at the North West's Top Law School according to the Guardian League Tables 2022.

If you're interested in the law and how it works and if you want to become a solicitor, a barrister or anything else to do with the exciting world of the law or beyond, then our course is the one for you.

Our course is recognised by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) and The Bar Standards Board, and hence will facilitate your journey to becoming a solicitor or a barrister, or a broader range of careers.


Recognised by:

Solicitors Regulation Authority

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Course Overview

You will learn about the law and legal skills such as how to interview clients. You will take part in mock court cases (civil and criminal) and work on real-life legal problems.

Together with your fellow students, you will also get plenty of opportunity to network within the local legal sector. Past activities have included, for example, meeting with the judiciary, visits to prisons, tours of the police headquarters and work experience/training days with local firms of solicitors and barristers.

At the University of Cumbria we are committed to practical action-based learning as well as traditional learning activities.

On this course you will...

  • Study at the #1 Law programme in the North West of England (Guardian, 2022).
  • Examine the intricacies of the English legal system and compare it with other international legal systems.
  • Participate in professional and personal development activities including advocacy and confidence in public speaking training, mooting, mock court trials and client interviewing competitions.
  • Be supported in gaining work experience and making connections with local law firms and legal organisations.
  • Develop confidence in independent thinking, teamwork, research and writing.

Course Structure

What you will learn

The programme has been designed to provide a course of legal education that is academically rigorous, professionally relevant, research-informed and innovative.

We strive to empower our students through learning that is transformational using career-enhancing initiatives, experiential learning and reflective learning. Our excellent standard of student support is at the heart of our approach to teaching.

The programmes will assume no previous knowledge of law. Students will take part in an induction introducing key concepts in law and allowing them to build relationships and work together in teams.

*Note that optional modules will run subject to student numbers.

Year one
  • Legal Skills
    Develop a range of general and subject specific study skills designed to provide a sound foundation for legal study.
  • English and Comparative Legal Systems
    Enhance your knowledge of the central characteristics of the English legal system.
  • Practical Contract Law
    Understand the general principles of contract law.
  • Law of Torts
    Acquire subject-specific knowledge and the skills required for effective ‘common law method’ and research.
  • Citizen and State
    Develop an understanding of the legal structures of the UK government, the State and the relationship between the citizen, the State and the law.
  • Persuasive Presentation and Courtroom Skills
    Build your confidence in persuasive presentation and courtroom skills.
Year two
  • Lawyering and Dispute Resolution in a Digital Age
    Undertake hands-on lawyering and dispute resolution experience with technology using a Virtual Law Clinic.
  • Criminal Law
    Develop a critical and analytical understanding of the principles and policies of the criminal law.
  • Land Law
    Develop a practical knowledge and understanding of the foundation concepts relating to estates and interests in land, and the fundamental principles relating to the acquisition and creation of rights in land.
  • Equity and Trusts
    Develop an understanding for the dynamics of the law of equity and trusts, alongside an awareness of the value of the trust in modern society and the manners in which trusts are applied.
  • Law of the European Union
    Develop a comprehensive understanding of the constitutional foundations of the European Union legal order and the roles of the institutions of the EU.
  • Law of Criminal Evidence (optional)
    Learn to understand the principles and policies of Criminal Evidence and analyse a series of important and controversial issues in the modern law.
  • Human Rights (optional)
    An introduction to the concept of human rights and the way in which human rights are protected in the UK under the European Convention of Human Rights.
  • Family Law (optional)
    An introduction to the laws governing marriage, divorce, cohabitation and children, both in the public and private law arenas.
Year three
  • Dissertation
    Conduct a sustained, in depth, and independent research project to produce a dissertation upon a topic of your choice.
  • Business Awareness and Employment Practice
    Critically analyse contemporary business and employment law issues to stay up-to-date on daily happenings and developments in the business and commercial world.
  • Law in Action
    An introduction to clinical legal work to see law operating in practice.
  • Medical Law and Ethics (optional)
    Gain a firm grounding in the principles of medical law and ethics, and its practical application in the practice of modern healthcare.
  • Human Rights (optional)
    An introduction to the concept of human rights.
  • Law Placement (optional)
    Acquire first-hand experience of work in a legal environment.
  • Law of Criminal Evidence (optional)
    Examine the fundamental principles of the Law of Criminal Evidence and analyse in depth a series of important and controversial issues in the modern law.
  • Family Law (optional)
    An introduction to the laws governing marriage, divorce, cohabitation and children, both in the public and private law arenas.
  • Intellectual Property and Media Law (optional)
    Explore contemporary developments in the law of intellectual property and media law, through an in-depth examination of the domestic, European and international law.

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