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BSc (Hons) - Health and Social Care

You want to support and help others with your future career. Our BSc (Hons) Health and Social Care course is designed with a range of engaging modules to give you the opportunity to develop your professional and personal skills.

These skills will allow you to pursue your ideal career and hit the ground running in a role within the contemporary Health and Social Care sector.


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Course Overview

This degree will support your academic advancement to prepare you for your ideal career within health and social care. It will provide you with the knowledge to support your professional needs, alongside developing key skills in research, writing and presenting. You'll enhance your personal skills including communication, team working, self-management, motivation, resilience, self-awareness and confidence. You will gain awareness of professional contexts, individual professional standards and values.

The highly transferable knowledge and skills gained during your studies will directly impact your role within practice, enhancing both personal and professional development and maximising your career opportunities in the department of Health and Social Care. You'll be empowered to take initiative, make complex decisions, and generate transformative solutions. Successfully completing this course will allow progression into postgraduate study with our postgraduate masters and CPD courses.

On this course you will...

  • Become part of an active and vibrant community of like-minded health and social care students who want to make a difference.
  • Study a range of engaging modules that provide you with an extensive variety of content that will support your future professional needs and academic development.
  • Be taught by expert lecturers who have professional experience from across our Institute of Health, covering a spectrum of health and social care professions.
  • Access high-quality support from our friendly lecturing team who will guide you through your academic development and get to know you personally.
  • Kickstart your ideal career within the health and social care sector.

Course Structure

What you will learn

This degree provides you with the opportunity to achieve a nationally recognised academic award that has been designed to meet your needs and facilitate progression within the Health and Social Care sectors. The key knowledge, understanding and experiences gained throughout the programme are structured to enhance employability within a growing sector.

The programme is designed to equip you with academic, research, analytical and problem-solving skills. Health and Social Care will be examined, not just from a national perspective, but will encompass a global perspective. You will consider other cultural values and beliefs, approaches to care across diverse cultures and communities, recognising and appreciating similarities and differences in codes of practice alike.

Year one
  • Developing Academic Writing and Reflective Practice
    Develop study skills that will enhance your ability to develop as a reflective life-long learner.
  • Introduction to Health and Well-being
    Develop the knowledge, skills and competence needed to support and enhance the health and well-being of the service user.
  • Personalisation in Health and Social Care
    Explore and examine a range of models of care within a health and social care context, focusing on health promotion.
  • Development through the Life Course
    Develop an understanding of human development through the life-course.
  • Values and Principles of Health and Social Care
    Explore what constitutes good practice and how decisions related to a specific care setting can be supported by a relevant consistent ethical framework.
  • Social and Political Influences on Policy and Practice
    Identify and consider the influences legislative, social, political and policy can have on the lives of individuals, families, and communities.
Year two
  • Introduction to Advancing Mental Health across the Healthcare Spectrum
    Explore the nature and impact of mental illness across the health care spectrum.
  • Psychology for Health and Social Care
    Understand the psychological factors that influence human behaviour throughout the lifespan, focusing on how these can relate to health and social care settings.
  • Equality, Diversity and Equity in Practice
    Consider your own values and ethics and reflect upon their impact on the behaviour and attitudes of yourself and others.
  • Duty of Care – Principles and Implementation
    Learn to empower clients and balance the promotion of rights of the client with the associated risk to society, within a framework of citizenship rights and responsibilities.
  • Leadership and Change
    Examine issues of quality management and leadership for change within your area of practice.
  • Negotiated Learning in Health and Social Care
    Extend your knowledge and understanding in an area of study that complements previous experience and learning.
Year three
  • Applied Critical Evaluation for Evidence Based Practice
    Enhance your study and employability skills, by developing the ability to retrieve and critically evaluate evidence relevant to your area of practice.
  • Communication Skills in Health and Social Care
    Explore the importance of effective communication when working in health and social care settings.
  • Collaborative Working in Health and Social Care
    Explore the importance of collaborative working by building upon the knowledge and skills developed in previous modules e.g. Duty of Care – Principles and Implementation and Leadership and Change.
  • Contemporary Approaches and Fundamental Principles of Safeguarding across the Lifespan
    Increase your in-depth awareness of the principles relating to safeguarding across the lifespan.
  • Managing Self and Others
    Develop your leadership and management skills in order to manage effectively in health and social care settings.
  • Negotiated Learning in Health and Social Care
    Extend your knowledge and understanding in an area of study that complements previous experience and learning.

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