Find out how you can request duplicate certificates and transcripts from the assessment team.

How do I request a duplicate certificate?

We can only produce duplicate certificates for University of Cumbria awards made after August 2007. Please note that there are charges applicable for a duplicate certificate and these requests can take up to 28 working days to complete.

To request a duplicate certificate please follow the link to our online store

If you are a graduate of Lancaster University or the University of Central Lancashire duplicate certificates need to be requested through the appropriate institution. Please see below for further details.

Lancaster University 

When contacting Lancaster University please provide the following details;
Name of College i.e. St Martin’s College or the University of Cumbria
Full name at time of graduation
Full course title
Years attended course
Delivery address
Daytime contact telephone number


University of Central Lancashire

Many awards after August 2007 were still produced by Lancaster University or the University of Central Lancashire. If you are unsure of your awarding body please contact

How do I request a duplicate award transcript?

Award transcripts are available to students who were awarded after 1999 for St Martin’s College or from 2005 for Cumbria Institute of the Arts. Please note that there are charges applicable for duplicate award transcripts and these requests can take up to 28 working days to complete.

To request a duplicate certificate please follow the link to our online store

What do I do if I have not received my certificate or transcript?

Where documents are known to have been produced and dispatched but have not been received, and the university has been notified within one calendar year of dispatch, there will be no charge for the production of a new document. Please contact for more information.

Certificates and transcripts are sent to the permanent address which the University has recorded for you. If you have moved address and have not notified the University they will have been sent to the last address you advised us of.

Where notification of non-receipt is more than a year after dispatch or where the document has not been received because the university was not informed of an address change, duplicate charges apply. Please visit our online store to order duplicate copies. 

Documents which are returned as undelivered are archived. If your document has been archived it will be dispatched free of charge.

Withholding of Certificates and Transcripts.

If you have outstanding academic related debts to the University, the award, and therefore, certificate and transcript will be withheld until the debt is cleared.

Awards can also be suspended, withheld or withdrawn as one of the possible sanctions arising from the Student Code of Conduct and Adjudication procedures.

My certificate or transcript has arrived damaged, what do I do?

There is no charge for a duplicate document providing the university is notified within 3 months of the dispatch date. The applicant must return the damaged document and contact for further information.

Duplicate document charges will apply if we are not notified of any damages within the 3 months and you will need to visit our online store to request these. 

Can amendments be made to certificates and transcripts?

There is no charge for an amendment to an incorrect document providing the applicant notifies the University upon receipt of these documents. You must return the original documents and contact for further information. 

However, if the University considers the amendment is due to negligence on the part of the applicant, for example when you have not made changes to your name if it is incorrect during registration, duplicate document charges apply. You must also return your incorrect certificate and contact for further guidance.

Please note that certificates and transcripts reflect the names at the time the award was conferred. Names cannot be amended after marriage, divorce or changes by deed poll once they have been created. Duplicate requests will also reflect the names at the time the award was conferred.

I am in debt to the University – can I still obtain a duplicate certificate?

No, you cannot obtain a duplicate certificate until all outstanding academic related debts have been settled with the University.

Information on my duplicate document is incorrect, what should I do?

If after receiving your duplicate certificate/transcript any of the information is incorrect please contact for further help.

I have more questions – who should I contact?

If you have any questions which are not answered above or you cannot find what you need in our online store please email