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Meeting your UCAS Tariff Offer

How does it work?

Below you will find links to lists of qualifications we generally accept for the course you have been offered. Alongside this, we have denoted which combinations of groups are accepted to help you determine how you will meet your offer conditions. You can also use the UCAS Tariff Calculator to support you


Find out more by reading some of our frequently asked questions.


How do I decide which group and which qualification to use?

I have a qualification listed in the groups, but have still been made a conditional offer?

My offer says I can take 16 points from another tariff based qualification – what types of qualifications can these be?

Can I use points from the same subject across different qualifications (e.g. AS Biology and A level Biology)?

My qualification is not listed in any of the groups, will my offer still stand?

I cannot make up the number of qualifications from the options given, will my offer still stand?

Meeting the conditions of your offer

A conditional offer means that you are required to meet certain conditions before beginning your degree with us. Any conditions of the offer will be detailed on UCAS Track, UCAS Teacher Training Track or your offer email if you applied directly.  Your conditions are also on your applicant portal (for UCAS/PGCE applicants 24 hours after your offer email).

A condition may be:

  • Getting the required A-level results (or equivalent qualification), Honours Degree or GCSEs.

Any conditions of registration will be listed in your offer communication. A condition of registration may be:

  • Sending us further information such as references
  • Undertaking criminal background and medical checks for health, education and sport (DBS only)
  • Sending us evidence of your GCSE and/or Level 3 qualifications
  • Satisfactory clinical visits forms

Academic qualifications

If you have been offered a place subject to obtaining UCAS Tariff points, please read your conditions carefully. For some courses we allow you to make up some of your UCAS points from other UCAS tariff based qualifications outside the A Level (or equivalent qualification) that make up the main of your offer (it will be detailed in your offer if this is applicable).

A Level/BTEC results/Access to HE

If you are currently studying your A levels/BTEC/Access to HE qualifications you do not need to provide these results as we should automatically receive this information from UCAS (If you have applied directly you MUST provide us with this information). Applicants that are studying Access to HE programmes may be asked to provide their transcript by admissions.

If your results are less than the required grade detailed in our offer to you then we may still be able to consider you and the admissions office and tutors will be on hand to discuss your options.

Honours Degree

Please upload your degree certificate and transcript to the Admissions portal*

For PGCE applicants we must see the original copy of your certificate, for School Direct applicants please take it to your school, for campus-based students please send your certificate to PG Admissions when requested.

Evidence of Mathematics/English/Science GCSE

If you have applied for a course that requires evidence of passing specific GCSEs (or equivalent qualifications) you will need to provide confirmation of your results in August as we cannot obtain this information from UCAS.

If you have already gained these qualifications, you must provide documentary evidence of these.

We would remind you that ALL health and education students must hold passes at grade C/4 GCSE or equivalent in a range of subjects as outlined below:

  • PGCE Secondary (English Language, Mathematics)
  • BSc Diagnostic Radiography / Healthcare Science / Paramedic Science / PGCE Primary / BA Primary Education (English Language, Mathematics, Science)
  • BSc/MSc Physiotherapy & BSc/MSc Midwifery (English Language, Mathematics, Biology or Combined Science)
  • BSc/MSc Occupational Therapy (English Language)
  • BA/MA Social Work (English Language, Mathematics)
  • BSc/MSc Nursing (Mental Health, Learning Disabilities, Child, Adult) (English Language*, Mathematics*, Science / Social Science) * Functional Skills level 2 acceptable as an alternative

Accepting your offer

If you have applied through UCAS you should accept your offer by going to UCAS Track, although you'll only be able to do this after you've received decisions from all of the universities that you have applied to. If you have applied through UCAS, you can accept a firm (first) choice and an insurance (second) choice (if you have accepted a conditional offer as your firm choice). If you have applied for a PGCE programme you should accept your place by going to UCAS Teacher Training Track

If you have applied directly to the university, you must abide by the deadlines to reply set within your offer communication.

Once you have accepted your place, from Spring onwards for September entry (November for January entry) we will send you information about what to do next, including booking accommodation and how to evidence that you have met your entry requirements.

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