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Collaborating towards a multicultural Cumbria

Collaborating towards a multicultural Cumbria

Multicultural Cumbria is a charity best known for Carlisle Culture Bazaar where each year it engages with the local and ethnic minorities in North Cumbria, sharing similarities and celebrating differences. With more than 60 nationalities living and working in Cumbria, one in 11 people in the county have foreign heritage, which Multicultural Cumbria and the University of Cumbria want to harness and grow.

 In November 2019 Multicultural Cumbria moved its office to the University of Cumbria campus in Carlisle, reinforcing and strengthening the relationship.  This, paired with the launch of the 2020 Carlisle Culture Bazaar, was celebrated at a special event at the university. Guests at MCC’s event included the Lord Lieutenant for Cumbria Claire Hensman, the university’s Vice Chancellor, and Saj Ghafoor, who is the chief officer for Multicultural Cumbria and an Honorary Fellow of the University.

 Claire Hensman noted during her speech: “Now that Multicultural Cumbria is at the University of Cumbria is fantastic. The university likes to be inclusive and so is Multicultural Cumbria and here you will have the opportunity to meet a lot of young people and others who visit this site. The university has become a hub in the community and this will help it become even more so. It is also significant that Multicultural Carlisle last year became Multicultural Cumbria. That is critical. Multicultural Cumbria is a fantastic organisation and I hope it continues growing and growing.” She added, “We should all get to know each other and mutually respect each other.”

 The University of Cumbria prides itself on celebrating students from all heritages and is driven to ensure an inclusive and welcoming environment for all. The university also attracts many international students to its undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in leadership and sustainability, business, paramedic practice and health, fields of nursing, policing, teaching and education, science and the outdoors, the arts, and theology. The University currently attracts students from all over the world, but especially from India, parts of Africa, plus Norway, and Cyprus, and is working hard to develop links with educational institutions in South East and East Asia, in particular, Malaysia and China. 

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