What is Education Studies?

Education Studies is one of the many types of degrees in education. These courses allow students to explore a range of issues and perspectives, including the history of education, cultural and global contexts, and sociological analysis of teaching and learning. From becoming a tutor to working with vulnerable people or diving into the psychology of learning, the career outcomes of this course demonstrate that education is far more than teaching in a classroom.  

Sound like your thing? Then check out 5 of the most interesting careers you can enter after an Education Studies degree.  

5 Non-Teaching Jobs in Education…

Based in London, our BA Hons Education Studies Degree can open up a variety of careers in education that are not teaching. Discover 5 of the many options that allow professionals to make a difference to others through therapy, advocacy, and research. 

Educational Psychologist

Training as an Educational Psychologist is a fulfilling and fascinating opportunity to support the learning and development of children who face barriers to their education, behaviour, or social adjustment. Specialist skills and training allow Educational Psychologists to work with local authorities and schools to uplift all children’s experiences of learning. If you’re fascinated by the human mind and fancy using your curiosity to help children learn, this could be the path for you and an Education Studies degree is a great first step.

Play Therapist or Speech and Language Therapist

If you are interested in courses that can help you become a play therapist or another developmental therapy role, Education Studies could be perfect for you. A group of careers with fantastic employment prospects and competitive salaries, education therapists provide life-changing treatment to children and adults. Education Studies is the ideal preparation to enter a non-teaching job in education and can help you on your path to becoming a speech and language therapist or another therapeutic position.  

Special Education Needs (SEN) Teacher or Teaching Assistant

SEN teaching assistants and teachers support children and young people whose access to education is impacted by a disability or Special Educational Needs. This fulfilling sector allows practitioners to break down barriers to education traditionally faced by some students, working not just in the classroom but also with therapists, medical staff, and specialist teaching services. This role truly allows you to make a difference in the lives of children who need it the most.  

Youth worker

Want to work with teenagers and young people? Youth Workers are educational leaders who guide and support people between 11-25. They work directly with young people to run invaluable projects aimed at developing life skills, healthy relationships, and self-confidence. This unique and meaningful career allows you to empower young people through exciting projects and mentorship, across a range of settings.  

Museum Education Officer

Museum Education Officers work to engage and inspire in museum and gallery settings. Stretching across all age groups and a variety of cultural settings, this position allows you to make a difference in the lives of others by sharing your passion for history, art or culture. Learning projects often aim to introduce people who may not traditionally be exposed to, or able to access, exhibitions and cultural institutions, inspiring and empowering curious minds. If your passion for history or science is infectious, and you love sharing your knowledge with others – this is the job for you!  

Your Next Step

Although this blog covers just a few, there is an entire world of careers you can enter after undertaking an Education Studies degree. Our BA (Hons) Education Studies programme, London, gives you the skills and hands-on experience you need to become a change-maker in society, empowering a variety of people through learning. With a practical placement and guidance from industry-experienced tutors, you’ll become an effective educational practitioner on a course with a 100% Student Satisfaction Rate according to the National Student Survey (NSS, 2021).

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