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Questions our Prospective Students want Answered!

Questions our Prospective Students want Answered!

Do you need a lot of money to go to uni?

This one has been doing the round for a long time and is just not true. University is for everyone. We offer financial support for students and the Government's Student Loans Company provide a range of grants and loans for students. You can also contact our student support team to discuss your specific questions.

The big take-home here is, that the University of Cumbria welcomes financial queries and we are always happy to discuss your personal situation in a non-judgmental, confidential, and helpful manner. For example, we know some students struggle to find deposits for accommodation, particularly if student loans take a while to payout. You must raise such worries with us, rather than letting them put you off applying to the University of Cumbria. There is nothing our team hasn’t heard before, and we can look at potential solutions to meet financial hardships and worries.

When on campus at the University of Cumbria, students have free access to our libraries and everything that includes such as textbooks, internet access, and printing. 

Many students will work part-time throughout their studies and there's no shortage of jobs for students in Carlisle and Lancaster. 


Are A-Levels the only route into higher education?

More than ever there are different ways to get into uni. We strive to be highly inclusive and provide courses that meet a wide range of academic abilities and records. If you have alternative qualifications or don't quite meet the grades to get onto your preferred degree course, why not have a look at taking an integrated foundation year? This will get you the skills and experience needed to progress onto the main degree pathway.

Check the entry requirements for your degree, then contact the University to discuss your best path.


What's with conditional and unconditional offers?

Conditional and unconditional offers are another thing that raises red flags with some students – and their parents! There are various myths and misconceptions about how conditional and unconditional offers of university places work, including theories about “hidden agendas”.

The main message is; put all that to one side and approach your University of Cumbria application with an open mind – because that’s exactly what we use to assess applications!

There is no trickery or manipulation involved. When the University of Cumbria wants to see a certain level of attainment, we set students a target (conditional offer). Setting these targets helps to avoid anyone taking up a place and feeling overburdened or overwhelmed by their course.

When we feel the student has already provided evidence that they can meet their course targets, we make an unconditional offer. It’s that simple. The University of Cumbria regularly accepts university applications post-exam results – through UCAS Clearing – when course places are available too.


How do you keep parents informed?

There’s a balancing act, between too much information and too little. The University of Cumbria makes sure parents have enough information to hopefully feel comfortable with their young person’s choices. What we don’t do, is bombard everyone with massive amounts of unnecessary detail!

If we miss anything you need to know, we can be contacted by telephone or email. One of the big areas for confusion is work experience needs and expectations. Not least as parents and students can have very different ideas on this topic. Please be assured, that the University of Cumbria’s course tutors and work experience organisers liaise with employers and students to find the best match.


Why choose the University of Cumbria?

We are one university with five distinct campuses. Each location, such as the dedicated arts campus in Carlisle, is designed to provide you with the knowledge, skills, experience, and opportunities to kickstart your career. 

We are ranked 1st in the North West and 8th Worldwide for Quality Education according to the Times Impact Rankings. It's a key value for us that students are taught by expert lecturers who really know what they're talking about rather than just teaching out of a textbook.

For all the nuts and bolts involved, a big part of selecting a university has more to do with emotion than facts and statistics.! It’s important to be able to “see yourself” at uni living your life. Students report that one of the biggest factors in their decision to apply was knowing that “it felt right”. It’s why we offer as many opportunities as possible for students (and their friends and family) to attend Open Days and soak up the atmosphere on campus. 


Our team helps you every step of the way in applying for, accepting, and taking up University places. 


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