Should I attend an Open Day as a PGCE Applicant?

Should I attend an Open Day as a PGCE Applicant?

So, you’re thinking about studying for your PGCE. Maybe you’ve started your research on our website, or talked to a friend who’s already completed their training, but what’s the next step? Coming to an Open Day is a fantastic way to learn more about becoming a trainee teacher and completing a PGCE. Whether you’re interested in campus based or School Direct routes, fancy training close to home or heading off to a new city, you can get all your burning questions answered – and discover more about the programmes than you’d ever imagined. You might think that Open Days are for school-leavers entering Undergraduate courses or wondering “am I too old to train as a teacher” but our vibrant on-campus and virtual events are for every student. In fact, we offer bespoke sessions and talks just for PGCE students. Keep reading to learn how attending an Open Day as a future PGCE student could help you take the next step in your teaching journey.  

Meet your tutors

The academic team that delivers your training is a huge part of your course experience, especially at Cumbria. Our tutors are experts who teach, with tonnes of in-school experience across a wide variety of settings. At an Open Day you’ll have the chance to discuss your areas of interest with our experienced practitioners. Training to teach with Cumbria is defined by the personal relationship you cultivate with our academic staff – including your personal tutor who will support your training 1-on-1. The academic team get to know you as a student and future teacher, supporting you every step of the way and helping to allocate placements that are perfect for you – from location to areas of interest.  

I would say the lecturers are probably the best thing about the PGCE course... I couldn’t have felt more supported by the staff at the university, and I truly believe that they quickly equipped with me the skills necessary to find my feet in the classroom. Their passion and enthusiasm for the profession and for training us ITT students has been pretty inspiring. I count myself lucky that I have had the opportunity to be taught by them.” Joseph Rudd, PGCE Primary Education (2021) 

Get in-person advice from our support team

Since making the decision to train to teach is a life-changing one, it’s not surprising if you have a few questions! The answers are waiting, in the form of our dedicated support teams who are on-hand on Open Days to provide advice and help you understand your options. From learning about our bespoke PGCE financial support, to the £1000 PGCE accommodation discount as well as what to write in a personal statement for teacher training, don’t miss the chance to get personalised advice from our friendly staff.  

Get a taste of a PGCE course in an academic session

What better way to understand the course than to experience it? Our PGCE Open Days give you an insight into what it’s really like training on a University of Cumbria PGCE programme. Delivered by our friendly academic team, you’ll work with your PGCE peers in an academic session that gives you a taste of teaching as a Cumbria trainee. This unique opportunity will help you evaluate if teaching is right for you, help inform your application and give you a head start before you even begin! Our academic sessions are delivered by tutors currently delivering in lecture halls across our campuses, meaning you’ll get a genuine sense of the University of Cumbria teaching experience!  

Learn about our school partnerships

Placements, placements, placements. They’re the bread and butter of PGCE teacher training, and likely one of the elements you’re most excited about! On a Cumbria PGCE programme, you’ll have the chance to develop your theoretical skills in a practical setting that’s perfectly suited for you. With X schools in partnership with us across the UK, your options are endless – all there’s left to do is explore them. Our academic team are on-hand at our Open Days to discuss logistics, locations and learnings when it comes to school placements to help you fully understand your options.  

Attending a PGCE Open Day is a valuable experience for any prospective student and provides the opportunity to chat directly with our expert academics and friendly support team about any queries or concerns you might have. It can also be a fantastic aid in deciding if the course, or campus, is right for you – and gives you hands-on academic experience. Many attendees love the opportunity to chat to current students and to meet their future course-mates, you’re sure to feel settled in even before your first day! 

Book Your Place

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