University of Cumbria Myth buster - You can still gain a degree without the right grades.

University of Cumbria Myth buster - You can still gain a degree without the right grades.

What is an Integrated Foundation year?

 Very simply, it’s a 4-year course on which you spend the first year building up your academic skills and basic knowledge of the subject so that you are ready to jump straight into your 3-year honours degree.

What qualifications do I need to apply?

 You may have missed the grades required for direct entry onto a degree, or you may be looking to embark upon a new career path and therefore have no related qualifications at all. Our Integrated Foundation year entry requirements vary, depending on the course (or courses) you’re interested in. You may be asked to interview or write a short essay to demonstrate your life and work experience.

What courses can I take through this route?

 We have a range of courses that you can pursue including (but not limited to):

There are plenty more choices too, just click here for our full course list.

Is this really an option for me?

 It’s up to you to take that first step and give us a call. Matt Wardle talked to us about his experience in deciding to take an Integrated Foundation Year:

“Growing up, I didn’t really see myself as an academic. My secondary grades weren’t great, nobody in my family had attended university. I went straight from secondary school to bar and restaurant work. Eventually, I decided that I would challenge myself and push for more, I decided that I was going to study Law.” He continued, “I was reluctant at first because my understanding was that entry requirements were strict and that without A-levels and great GCSEs, I’d have no chance. I finally made the decision to get in touch with Ann Thanaraj, the head of law who met me and said that as I didn’t have the entry requirements necessary I could prove my ability by writing an essay and if successful, complete a foundation year. I was given the chance to prove my ability, so I did just that.” Matt graduated in July with a first-class degree and now works for a solicitor as a legal adviser.

If you’d like to talk to someone about an Integrated Foundation Year call us on 0330 057 6357 or click here.

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