Tackling Inequalities in Health and Well-being in our Communities

This masterclass will be beneficial to provide an insight into developing university level critical thinking skills, and to consider your role in tackling health and well- being inequalities in society.

07 Dec 2022 - 07 Dec 2022

A group of young students chatting.

Event Overview

Students will explore information relating to health and well- being inequalities, for example, increased effect of the pandemic on Black and Brown communities; increased incidents of mental health challenges for LGBTQ+ young people; lower life expectancy in areas of high depravation. We will look at ways in which individuals and services can make a difference and change lives, and consider the links between policy and practice.

What ‘tackling inequalities’ during the masterclass might involve in practice:
- Working in a creative team to design and pitch a new service aimed at supporting a community you believe would benefit.
- Researching the health inequality that causes you concern and develop an action plan full of practical ways that individuals, communities, and services can make a difference.
- Engaging with the online debate around the health inequality you find most concerning and develop responses to arguments that are both for and against taking action.

The masterclass will be beneficial for applicants as it provides an insight into developing university level critical thinking skills; get the opportunity to think in-depth about your role in tackling inequalities in society; and develop an understanding of the wider causes and impacts of health and social factors.