Dr Andrew Leslie, PhD

  • Senior Lecturer
  • Institute of Science and Environment
  • Centre for National Parks and Protected Areas (CNPPA)
  • Forestry
Dr Andrew Leslie, PhD


Andrew has a thirty year career in forestry and joined the National School of Forestry in 1999 after a decade undertaking tropical forest research. His interests lie in the silviculture and sustainable management of natural and plantation forests. Prior to teaching he worked mainly overseas on forestry development projects, as a forest researcher and in project management in countries as diverse as Somalia, Lesotho, Guyana and Vanuatu. During this time he conducted research on forests as varied as industrial plantations to tropical rainforests.  Andrew’s publications are mainly the results of silvicultural research but other areas include agroforestry in Somalia and forestry Higher Education in the UK. Andrew has recently completed a PhD on eucalypts in Britain at Edinburgh University and is now undertaking tree improvement work on spruce and research on the pine weevil.

He has considerable course management experience; for eight years he was Course Leader for the distance-learning courses, for two years for the part time courses and more recently Course Leader for some of the undergraduate full-time forestry programmes. He teaches a broad range of subjects including silviculture, basic forestry skills, business and forest policy.

Qualifications and memberships

2017 PhD (Edinburgh), 1998 MBA (Edinburgh Business School),1988 MSc Forestry (Oxon), 1985 BSc (Hons) Ecological Sciences with Honours in Forestry (Edinburgh)

Member of the Institute of Chartered Foresters

Member of the Conifer Breeding Cooperative

Academic and research interests

Andrew has a strong interest in applied silviculture and has considerable experience in tree improvement, particularly in establishing and analysing field trials of tree species and provenance.  For his PhD this was focused on eucalypts, a genus he became familiar with in his work overseas.  More recently his focus has been on spruce, a more economically important genus in the UK.

Research supervision

Andrew is currently supervising a PhD undertaken by Carrie Hedges on the potential extent of montane scrub species and treeline ecotone dynamics in Great Britain.


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Recent external roles

Ongoing - Committee member of the Royal Forestry Society Northern England Group.

2014-2018 Member of the Institute of Chartered Foresters Professional and Educational Standards Committee

2014-2016, Secretary of the Institute of Chartered Foresters Northern England Regional Group

2013-2016, External Examiner for forestry programmes at Bangor University.