Qualifications and memberships

2014-19            PhD in Research Related to Literature, University of East Anglia. Thesis title “Robopoetics: The Robot-Lyric Voice”

                        Pass without corrections

2011-13            MA in Studies in Fiction, University of East Anglia, Distinction

2008-11            BA in English Literature with Creative Writing, University of East Anglia, First Class Hons.

Academic and research interests

Reseach interests include lyric poetics, in particular lyric voice and subjectivity in contemporary poetry. My work includes feminism and philosophical materialism. I am a creative writing practicioner specialising in lyric poetry.

Research supervision

I currently act as third supervisor on a doctoral art research project at UoC into positive experiences of darkness and darkness in physical art spaces.


2020                             Two poems in The White Review [online journal]

2020                             One poem in Butcher’s Dog [print journal]

2020                             Two Poems in Hotel [online journal]

2019                            Blood. Flower. Joy! (Knives, Forks and Spoons Press) [print poetry collection]

2019                            Three Poems in Burning House Press [online]

2019                            Two poems in Black Box Manifold [online journal]

2019                            ‘Ivan Juritz Prize 2018 Winner: Away My Grievance’, Textual Practice, Vol.33 No.4, pp.497-501 [print academic journal]

2018                            ‘Wetware’ with Flo Reynolds in No, Robot, No! (Sidekick Books) [edited print


2018                            ‘Sphinx’ in Volta: An Obscurity of Poets (Salò Press) [edited print anthology]

2017                             Sphinx (Salò Press) [print poetry collection]

2016                            ‘Evil Fem-Bots: The Insidious Body of the Female Cyborg and Feminine Robot’ in Lilith Rising: Perspectives on Evil and the Feminine, Cathleen Allyn Conway ed. (Inter-Disciplinary Press) [Edited e-book]


Poems have also appeared in Datableed, And Other Poems, Adjacent Pineapple, Tears in the Fence, Lighthouse, Brittle Star, The Interpreter’s House, The Literateur, Visual Verse and Ink, Sweat & Tears and Kiss Me Hardy.