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If you have an enquiry about applying to the University of Cumbria, please contact our Course Enquiries team on 01228 588 588 or via email at 

 International students may wish to contact our International Office at for tailored assistance.  You can also find more information about being an international student at the University of Cumbria and who our approved agents are at

If you would like to know more about our Apprenticeship programmes you can contact the Apprenticeship team at

Already applied?

Welcome to the University of Cumbria!  My name is Sharon Blaylock, and I am the Admissions Manager.  Our dedicated Admissions team will be looking after you throughout the application process right through to you registering on programme.   

You will have been sent a login for your personal Applicant portal.  You can use this portal to see the status of your applications and if we require any documents, you will be asked to upload them here.  Each Administrator looks after different courses so find your course below to see who your named admissions specialist is and their contact details. 

Good luck with your application! 

- Sharon Blaylock, Admissions Manager

Contact details

Nicola Wilkinson - Admissions Officer

Gateway, Lancaster

Management of the Undergraduate Admissions, Apprenticeship and Collaborative Provision Admissions Team

01228 242932


Chloe Scanlon - Admissions Administrative Assistant

Gateway, Lancaster

Undergraduate Business, Law, Social Sciences and Policing. MBA (London campus). BSc (Hons) Practice Development: Health and Social Care top up (London). BA (Hons) Children and Young People’s Health and Wellbeing.



Lorna MacColl - Admissions Administrative Assistant

(Wednesday AM, Thursday, Friday)

BS21, Fusehill St, Carlisle

Collaborative Partnership provision (UK partner colleges, RKC, Fame, Vision, SCITTs). MBA Tourism Management

01228 242971


Christine Fox - Admissions Administrator

(3 days Mon – Wed)

Gateway, Lancaster

BSc/MSc Nursing (Adult/Child/Learning Disabilities and Mental Health Nursing). BSc (Hons) Health and Social Care (IFY and 3 Yr programme)

01228 242906


Emily Wood - Admissions Administrator

(4 days Tues – Fri)

Gateway, Lancaster

Forestry, Outdoor, STEM, Conservation, Sport, BSc/MSc Physiotherapy.

01228 242938


Julie Nixon - Admissions Administrator

Gateway, Lancaster

BA (Hons) Primary Education/ Primary Education with SEND/Education Studies/Teaching & Learning. BSc (Hons) Diagnostic Radiography, Healthcare Sciences. BA/MA Social Work.

01228 242925


Kerry Hartin - Admissions Administrator

Gateway, Lancaster

Institute of the Arts BA. BSc/MSc Midwifery. BSc/MSc Occupational Therapy. BSc (Hons) Paramedic Science

01228 242901


Mollie Butterworth - Admissions Apprenticeship Administrator

Gateway, Lancaster

Degree Apprenticeships & Project Management provision.

01228 242957


Lois Bowers - Admissions Officer (Postgraduate and CPD) 

(4 days – Mon, Tues, Weds, Thu)

Gateway, Lancaster

Management of the Postgraduate and CPD team looking after; Postgraduate Research and Taught provision, PGCE and School Direct and CPD programmes

01228 242878


Chloe Nee - Admissions Administrative Assistant

BS21, Fusehill St, Carlisle

BSc/MSc Applied Psychology and Psychology provision. MA Outdoor and Experiential Learning. MSc Industrial Leadership, MSc Organisational Leadership, Introduction to Counselling Skills. Institute of the Arts - MAs

01228 242923


Alice Hodgson - Admissions Administrator

BS21, Fusehill St, Carlisle

PGCE Primary (Core & School Direct). QTS Direct Assessment only .

01228 242343


Rebecca Hornby - Admissions Administrator

(4 days – Mon, Tues, Thu, Fri)

Gateway, Lancaster

PGCE Secondary (Core and School Direct). SENCO. PgC Learning and Teaching for HE, MA Education Professional Practice

01228 242890


Colleen MacDonald - Admissions Administrator

Gateway, Lancaster

MA/PgD Counselling and Psychotherapy, Medical Imaging Ultrasound and MRI; Community Specialist Practice (CSP); CoA Care of Minor illness & injury, MSc Advanced Clinical Practice; CoA Consultation and Physical Examination, UAD/PgC Emergency Care; UAD/PgC Unscheduled Care; UAD/PgC Enhanced Health Assessment, CoA Discovering a Nursing Career in General Practice

01228 242592


Sara Taylor - Admissions Administrator

(4 days – Mon, Tues, Thu, Fri)

Gateway, Lancaster

V300 and V150 Prescribing; MSc/PgC Paramedic programmes; MSc/PgD/C Practice Development; BSc Nursing & BSc (generic) Practice Development top-ups; PgC Management & Leadership; MSc/PgD/C Coaching & Mentoring; PgD CBT (IAPT); PgC Digital Health; PgC Reducing Restrictive Practice Interventions; PgC Psychosocial Interventions; PgC Defence Medical Leadership (DML); Acute & Critical Care; Occupational Health; Disaster Management; Autism (if these programmes run); Professional Midwifery Advocate; Stand-alone modules from Practice Development Framework.

01228 242912


Amy Middlemiss - Admissions Administrator

BS21, Fusehill St, Carlisle

BSc Paramedic Practice Development top-up; BSc HART Paramedic top-up; DPS Paramedic top-up, CoA Mentorship, CoA ECG, PGC First Contact Practitioner Paramedic, Return to Practice Paramedic, Return to Practice module

01228 279308


Chloe Smith-Foster - Admissions Administrator

(4 days – Mon – Thursday)

Gateway, Lancaster

DBA, MPhil and PhD provision, PGCE Non QTS

01228 242984


Indrajeet Jadeja - Admissions Manager (Compliance)

London Campus 

Oversight of International Admissions and responsible for UKVI compliance including CAS allocation


Rosalind Hartford - Admissions Officer (International)

(4 days - Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs)

Gateway, Lancaster

Responsible for International Admissions and management of the International admissions team

01228 242919


Harry Parker - Admissions Administrator

Gateway, Lancaster

Applications received via agents. MBA (Lancaster) and MSc International Management

01228 279356


Christina Helm - DBS Administrator

Gateway, Lancaster

Criminal Background Checks (DBS) and Overseas Police Checks/Medicals

01228 242928


Kore Garner - DBS Administrator

Gateway, Lancaster

Criminal Background Checks (DBS) and Overseas Police Checks/Medicals

01228 242914


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