11 Reasons Why You Should Become a Teacher

11 Reasons Why You Should Become a Teacher

Make a Difference  

You might have watched Coach Carter or Freedom Writersor maybe you liked the videos of teachers greeting kids in different ways on Facebook, the effect of teaching is truthfully that inspiring. A good teacher is sometimes the difference between a child falling through the cracks and a newly discovered interest that could become their lifelong passion and career.   

Sitting in your classroom will be the entrepreneurs, innovators and craftsmen, and women of tomorrow. By inspiring and supporting the next generation, teachers have a profound impact on society and there are very few professions will provide a personal sense of achievement as much as teaching. So if you enjoy helping and bringing the best out of others, becoming a teacher could be for you. 

Bring Your Passion to the Table 

Are you passionate about a subject such as English, Maths, science, sports, or a language? Or do you want to change the direction of your career into something that aligns with your wish to make a difference? This kind of passion and knowledge is exactly what makes a lesson interesting. Passionate people and people with industry experience make for great speakers and teachers, as they inspire others to get on board or be curious about their subject of study.  

The good news is that you might not have to retrain for long. If you already have a degree in a subject area or want to teach primary school children, you might be able to do a PGCE training course and gain your teaching qualification in one yearWant to check your options? Get in touch with a member of our team today to discuss your routes to becoming a teacher. 

PE Sports School Teacher, male PE teacher pointing to the left and young male students running in that direction

Training Is Funded for Certain Courses 

In response to the teaching shortage in the UK, the British government now offers several bursaries, scholarships and loans for people considering teaching as a career. There is also extra support if you are a parent, have a dependent, or have a disability. All scholarshipsbursaries, grants, and loans depend on what course you decide to study and some might be means-tested. 

Here at the University of Cumbria, we also offer an array of bursary and scholarships for PGCE and teacher training. In short, there has never been a greater time to consider becoming a teacher. Talk to a member of our Student Finance team to explore your options. 

You’ll Be in Demand  

Due to an ever-growing population, the need for teachers has never been greater. Despite all our recent technological advances and the threat these now pose to certain job markets, teaching is one of the careers that is still in demand and there is no sign this will change.  

As a matter of fact, English schools are currently facing a severe shortage of teachers and recruiting trainees for the profession has now become a top priority for the government. There are also very few qualifications that see you qualified and straight into work in your field of study like teaching does. 97% of teaching graduates here at the University of Cumbria are in employment within six months of graduating, this translates to almost 9 out of 10 students. If you are concerned about job prospects, future-proofing your career, or job security, becoming a teacher will tick all the right boxes.  

Female Secondary School Teacher, female secodary school teacher, stood teaching 3 teenage students, 2 male and 1 female

Teachers Can Work All Over the World 

A qualification in teaching not only offers highly transferable skills, ensuring former teachers can go into administration, publishing or research, but it also offers great mobility. 

Teaching is a skill that is needed around the globe and, with an increasingly mobile population due to globalization, international schools or schools that service expat communities outside of the UK are growing in size and number. In 2017, 4.9 million Brits were living outside of the UK and a large number of those were of working age and emigrated with their families. 

If you want a career that will allow you to travel and experience new horizons while still contributing to society, teaching could indeed be for you. 

You’ll Get to Learn as Well as Teach  

During your career as a teacher you will not only be exposed to child and educational psychology as well as best practices in education, but you might also have to master new subjects. Add a dose of keeping up to date with the latest innovations in technology and teaching, and you have a recipe for always learning new things and new skills.  

Teaching also offers great personal development in areas such as public speaking, time management, and organizational skills. So, if you want to remain teachable or just have a thirst for knowledge, becoming a teacher will ensure that you learn as much as you teach. 

Career Progression Prospects 

Within education there are many opportunities for career progression, from starting as a teacher to becoming the Head of a Department or a Headteacher, there are many routes you can take to progress your career. You can also work for publications and researchers specialised in teaching methods and materials, become a private tutor or, as mentioned above, travel the world teaching. If you are looking for a career with serious growth prospects, becoming a teacher will most certainly fit the bill. 

SEN Male and Female Teacher, photograph of a male and female SEN teacher working with a young female pupil

It Keeps Your Thinking Skills Sharp 

As cliché as it might sound, being “down with the kids” does keep you young. Children see the world differently and the youth of today is incredibly trend-conscious, visual, and technically savvy. Their curiosity, energy, and short attention span will ensure that you are always creating new, different, and interesting ways to share the information you need to teachAnd as human history unfolds and new scientific discoveries come to light, your knowledge will also expand.  

There are several pieces of research that promote how keeping an active mind helps you age well. As teaching promotes lifelong learning and challenges your creativity, it’s a great career for those who want to keep their thinking skills sharp. 

Competitive Salaries 

According to the national campaign Get into Teaching, the starting salary for a qualified teacher is around £23,000 escalating to over £48,000 for more experienced teachers. Leading practitioners can earn between £40,000 and £68,000, and Headteachers can earn above £118,000 depending on where they are based in the countryBBC News also reports that, according to statistics, having a postgraduate qualification helps with career prospects and increasing your earning potential even if you don’t work within education. 

In terms of labour market suitability, a large part of your PGCE training will be based within schools, so by the time you finish your qualification you will be in pole position to go straight into work. There are few qualifications where you leave university with practical, job market ready experience, teaching is one of them. 

No Two Days Are the Same 

Every pupil or student is different and learns at a different pace. The curiosity and wide-eyed approach of young minds also comes up with the weirdest and most wonderful things.  And if you are the type of person who gets bored easily and likes new challenges, being a teacher will certainly keep you on your toes with questions that test your knowledge, new students every year, new curricula, new topics, new units, and, in short, a lot of variety. 

Being Part of the Most Important Moments in Life 

Teachers are usually present during the most important moments of a child or young adult’s life. 

They are there when you learn the politics of friendship in primary school. They are in the background helping you cope when you suffer your first heartbreak in secondary school or live alone for the first time at university. And they are now in the forefront of spotting, reporting and supporting safety, mental health, and learning disability issues.  

Most of us will remember a teacher that really helped us or guided us along the way. While teaching involves a lot of hard work and sometimes extra work marking exams and planning during and in between term-time and even summer holidays, it’s an important position to hold in anybody’s life and one that you should be proud to have. 

Female Primary School Teacher, female primary school teacher, sat down with 4 young children, holding a small whiteboardWhile you might have never considered teaching as a career, there are several reasons why you should. Teaching is exciting, challenging and rewarding. More importantly, it is the profession that is shaping our future and building the leaders of tomorrow. If you want to do something that makes a difference and really adds value to your life and the lives of others’, you should most definitely consider becoming a teacher. 

Want to find out more? Here at The University of Cumbria, we can help you get there. Why not check our PGCE coursesvisit one of our Open Days or talk to a member of our team about your options? 

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