How do you teach someone with SEND?

How do you teach someone with SEND?

Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND). What does it mean? It’s easy to assume it means supporting children with a physical or learning disability, but that’s only a small portion of the role. Perhaps a better way of looking at it would be to use the word ‘Inclusion’, as in making sure everyone is included within the education system and that the way you teach is inclusive to all types of students. It takes a very talented person to be able to fully include all types of children in their lessons - are you up to the challenge?

As a Primary Education student specialising in Inclusion with SEND, your role is to be a reflective, effective teacher who is able to meet the learning needs of primary school pupils. You will need to break down the barriers to their learning and set up the support they need to succeed in their education. Is a child dyslexic? If written work is not their forte, how can you shape your lesson to allow more time for reading and listening? Are you teaching an autistic child? How can you more effectively communicate with them to help them understand?

It's not always easy to identify what a child may be feeling, and even harder to know how best to handle those problems and overcome any obstacles to their education. However, it will be your job to do exactly that. Sounds difficult? If you’re reading this blog, it’s likely you’re already aware of the challenges of teaching, and more importantly you’re ready to take them on. Fortunately you won’t have to do it alone.

Our course provides a support network that’s there to guide you through your studies. As well as getting advice from experienced lecturers, you’ll also be learning from your fellow students. They’ll gain experiences on placements that are totally different to your own, but by pooling your knowledge together, everyone benefits. The people on your course aren’t just student teachers, they’re also your friends – work together to help ensure everyone gets better.

What’s the reward for your hard work? The same reward every teacher looks for – the satisfaction of improving a child’s education. The feeling is even greater in this case though, as together you and your pupil have overcome difficulties to ensure that they receive the same high quality education as everyone else. Whether they’ve accomplished something they never thought possible, or whether they’ve seen their hard work and perseverance help achieve their goals, you’ll finish each day knowing that you’ve made a true difference in someone’s life.

If you want to be the mentor that guides someone with SEND to accomplish great things, if you want to ensure that everyone receives the high standard of education they deserve regardless of their circumstances, if you want to be the person that someone with a learning disability looks back on as a person that changed their life, there’s a place for you at the University of Cumbria. Get started this year by applying for our Primary Education with Inclusion with SEND course through Clearing.

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