Dan Stearne is Sales & Marketing Assistant at Cumbria Tourism and is currently studying a Chartered Management Degree Apprenticeship. The apprenticeship combines on-the-job training with academic study to provide a well-rounded education and experience in business management and leadership.

Dan chose the apprenticeship for several reasons. Firstly, he wanted to gain practical experience while also acquiring a formal qualification. Secondly, the flexible learning structure of the apprenticeship allowed him to continue working while studying. Finally, the government funding for the program meant that he could save for his future without incurring any student debt.

Dan says he has experienced several benefits from his apprenticeship program. The assessments for each module are designed to fit with his role and organisation, allowing him to apply what he has learned to real-world situations. Additionally, the classes are smaller, which allows for more support and guidance from the lecturers.

Dan comments “There are often false perceptions surrounding apprenticeships, particularly regarding the level of skill and experience gained. However, the range of apprenticeships available now is much wider and the combination of knowledge and experience gained is invaluable in a rapidly changing job market.

“I would highly recommend the route of an apprenticeship to others, the combination of knowledge and experience gained through the programme provides a better overall education than traditional university degrees. It also offers a great opportunity to save for the future without incurring any student debt, which is a huge advantage”.

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