Creative and Media Arts student stories

What is it really like to study creative and media arts at the University of Cumbria? Here's what our current students and alumni think about studying at our dedicated arts campus.

Student Stories

Michelle Lam

BA (Hons) Film & TV

Discover Michelle's story as she shares her journey, passion, and challenges while pursuing her dreams in the film industry. From her early fascination with the capturing of genuine emotions and experiences through film to her decision to study Film & TV, her story encompasses determination, creativity, and personal growth. Explore her experiences studying alongside highly creative individuals, the obstacles she overcame during the pandemic, and how her career has developed since graduating.

Sophie Steadman

BA (Hons) Fine Art

Introducing Sophie, a talented artist who pursued her passion for Fine Art. Inspired to reconnect with her love for the arts, she found a welcoming and supportive community at the university. Overcoming self-confidence struggles, Sophie learned to critique her work and showcase it with pride. As a recent graduate, she plans to use her degree to further her career in an arts-based collective, bringing art opportunities to her community. Read on to discovery Sophie's story.

Christopher Foulds

BA (Hons) Wildlife Media

Meet Christopher, a talented and passionate wildlife enthusiast studying Wildlife Media at the University of Cumbria. Inspired by his love for nature and years of wildlife watching, he now captures its wonders through film and photography. From producing captivating films to receiving support from the Hadfield Trust, Christopher's journey is marked with remarkable experiences and an unwavering dedication to wildlife. Discover more about Christopher's extraordinary student experience below.

Lydia Hollingdale

BA (Hons) Wildlife Media

Meet Lydia, a final-year student pursuing her passion for wildlife media. Inspired by popular shows like Springwatch, Lydia's love for the natural world led her to choose this unique course. One of her most cherished moments was capturing the enchanting otters on the Isle of Mull for her final project. Despite the hurdles posed by COVID-19, Lydia has persevered and flourished. Discover more about Lydia's incredible journey here.

William Niven

BA (Hons) Photography

William started his photography journey as a hobby and was inspired to capture the world through his unique perspective due to his visual impairment. William chose the University of Cumbria for its renowned photography course and supportive tutors. His confidence and capabilities have grown during his time at the university, allowing him to showcase his work as a finalist in the AOP Student Awards! Keep reading to hear more about his journey.

Kara Ashurst

Kara’s journey into photography began in her youth, with a simple digital camera becoming a tool for unravelling the mysteries of the world around her. Inspired by documentaries like 'Blue Planet' and the 'National Geographic' she gravitated towards environmental and wildlife photography. She chose the University of Cumbria because of the creative freedom of the course, the quality of the education and she had ‘fallen in love with Cumbria’. Keep reading to hear more about her journey.

Reuben Hibbert

BA (Hons) Wildlife Media

Reuben, a wildlife enthusiast and aspiring filmmaker, has embarked on a captivating journey as a BA (Hons) Wildlife Media student. Inspired by his parents' love for nature, he found his true passion in capturing the wonders of the natural world through the lens of his camera. Discover why he chose Cumbria, his favourite experiences, and the obstacles he's overcome on his journey. Be inspired by Reuben's determination to merge his love for wildlife with the art of media. Read Reuben's story here.

Hannah Dady

BA (Hons) Graphic Design

Hannah shares her journey as a Graphic Design student at the University of Cumbria. Hannah reveals her early inspiration that sparked her pursuit of graphic design, her reasons behind choosing the university, and her favourite aspects of the course. Hannah has decided to stay in Carlisle and establish herself as a freelance designer!

Hannah Roberts

BA (Hons) Games Design

Hannah Roberts is a third-year Games Design student at the Brampton Rd campus in Carlisle. With a passion for digital texturing and an interest in teaching, Hannah shares her experience of studying Games Design at the University of Cumbria. Hannah talks about what inspired her to pursue Games Design, her favourite university experiences, and her future plans. She provides advice for those considering Games Design and shares her thoughts on the course's preparation for a career in the real world.

Nathan Greening

BA (Hons) Wildlife Media

Meet Nathan Greening, a first-year student on an exciting journey into Wildlife Media. Fuelled by a passion for creativity and nature, Nathan shares his inspirations, favourite experiences, and the invaluable preparation for his future career.

Archit Hegde

BA (Hons) Film & TV

Archit Hegde talks about his journey from Goa to study in Carlisle, his work at Marvel, MGM, and Netflix - and shares his top tips for graduates seeking work in the Film and TV industry.

Alexandros Leontiades

BA (Hons) Wildlife Media

Alexandros Leontiades talks about his journey from Cyprus to Cumbria and the many things he loves about being a BA (Hons) Wildlife Media student.

Chloe Farsi

BA (Hons) Graphic Design

Chloe Farsi has been studying Graphic Design at our university since beginning her foundation year in 2013. She is one of the volunteers involved in this year’s Art Degree show, and managed to find some time out from her busy schedule of putting everything together to give us a few words about the show.

Vincent Walden

BA (Hons) Graphic Design Course

"Throughout all the industries I have worked in, my degree gave me the confidence to tackle everything head-on."

Sophie Steadman

BA (Hons) Fine Art

One of the main reasons I chose University of Cumbria is that it has a friendly, community feel, that you often don’t get from other universities. I think that one reason for this is because of smaller class sizes, which means that the support system is a lot stronger.

Charlie Anderson

BA (Hons) Games Design

Game Jam is an event organised by the BA Games Design course team at the University of Cumbria. It's an exciting creative competition where participants create a game within 72 hours based on a specific theme. The main goal of the event is to inspire creativity, experimentation, learning, collaboration, and, most importantly, to have fun! Charlie Anderson was the winner of the 'Best Video Game' award in the Game Jam 23 with his creation, 'Super Ninja Ball'. Read about his experience here:

Suki Shek

BA (Hons) Games Design

Our annual Game Jam is organised by the BA Games Design course team at the University of Cumbria. It's an exciting, fast-paced creative competition where participants create a game within 72 hours based on a given theme. The event aims to inspire creativity, experimentation, learning, collaboration, and most importantly have fun! Suki Shek was the winner of the 'Concept Art' category award in the Game Jam 23. Read about her experience here.

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