Outdoor Studies student stories

What is it really like studying at the University of Cumbria? Here's what some of our outdoor studies students thought of their time here.

Student Stories

Opal Goldring

BA (Hons) Outdoor Leadership

Rhiannon Pritchard

BA (Hons) Outdoor Leadership

Rhiannon, from South Wales, worked as an activity instructor around the UK and France before coming to university.

Chloe Price

BSc (Hons) Outdoor Adventure and Environment

Chloe, from Wiltshire, came to the University of Cumbria straight from school. She chose her course because of the job prospects it offered as well as because of the location in the heart of the Lake District.

Andy Eccles

BA (Hons) Outdoor Leadership

After leaving the Army, I knew I had to make plans in order to get on with a career. I also was keen to continue a challenging and fulfilling career away from the military and I very much saw getting a degree as a way to initiate that.

Emilie Ebbestad

BA (Hons) Outdoor Education

Emilie is from Svelvik, Norway. She chose to study with the University of Cumbria because “I fell in love with the location of the Ambleside campus.”

Emily Wormald

BA (Hons) Outdoor Leadership

Hello, I am Emily and this is my story. I grew up in Norwich, but fell in love with the Lake District and want to persue a career sharing my passion for the ourdoors and doing something a bit different from the average 9-5.

Jack Howard

BSc (Hons) Outdoor Adventure and Environment

Jack Howard, originally from Driffield in East Yorkshire, decided that his ambitions lay further west.

Jen Ager

MA in Outdoor and Experiential Learning

Applying to study for my MA in Outdoor and Experiential Learning was a big career decision for me. I’d qualified as a primary school teacher in 2002, but despondent with the current educational climate, it was time for a complete career change.

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