"Throughout all the industries I have worked in, my degree gave me the confidence to tackle everything head-on."

We caught up with our 2016 graduate Vincent Walden to find out where his career has taken him and how his degree has contributed to him getting there and Vincent had some exciting news to share! After working for agencies and in-house for different businesses, he is now the proud owner of Studio Walden, an eco-friendly and sustainable Graphic Design studio in Cumbria.

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1. Why did you choose this particular art course? Were you always into this art form?

I chose my course because of three main things; the studio, the tutors and the environment. I loved that I would walk through a park, under trees and past wildlife on my commute each morning—something that I came to really cherish throughout my time studying in Carlisle.

I have always studied art and, quite luckily for myself, knew from roughly 14 years old, that I wanted to follow Graphic Design. It was a mixture of factors that made me realise that my passion was in following design. Funnily enough, the largest factor was a Graphic Design module at my high school that I did rubbish in and quite frankly disliked - I knew there must be more to the industry than what I had been shown and through further research and consulting with my cousin who is an animator, I proved my hypothesis and quickly discovered a true north in my career trajectory.

2. Did anyone ever try to persuade you to not do an Arts degree? 

To the best of my knowledge, nobody ever tried to dissuade me from following a creative career. In fact, I had a lot of encouragement from my fantastic art teachers in sixth form alongside extended family members who were already professional creatives and shared resources and tips with me.

3. Why did you choose the University of Cumbria?

I chose the University of Cumbria because of the Brampton Road campus. Having a campus full of creative people, with resources for all projects and situated next to a public park was essentially my dream university experience.


I choose the University of Cumbria because of the Brampton Road campus... I thought it was an absolutely brilliant place to learn. What I loved the most about my course was the setting and the tutors.

4. What did you love the most about your course?

The things I loved most about my course was its setting and tutors. I found their methods for teaching entertaining, informative and effective – I’m still friendly with many today. The course had a studio for just the course participants which created an amphitheatre of sharing and learning, allowing me to feel confident to share ideas and conversations with older and younger students alike.

5. What did you do after graduating? Tell us how you got to your current role.

After graduating I have gone through a number of roles from in-house design to agency work and now eventually working from myself under the banner Studio Walden, an eco-friendly design studio. Throughout all the industries I have worked in (publishing, education and large-scale print) the course gave me the confidence to tackle everything head-on and accept that sometimes I was going to have to go back to the drawing board as part of the process.

6. What are the top 3 tips you would give students looking to do the same course as you?

  1. Make enough time for yourself to learn. Treat the course as you might a job, come in nice and early and leave at a good time, this structure allows you the most time to interact with tutors and other students which is where you’ll learn the most.
  2. Take every chance you can. Does another student need a hand with a project, could you pick up some live project work for a local business, attend EVERY lecture!
  3. Look at what everyone else is doing and do the opposite. I’ve stolen this mantra from one of my tutors, but it’s very valuable. You’ll quickly find what things work and, more importantly, what doesn’t.
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