Hanah chose to study Working with Children and Families knowing she wanted to work with children and families to make a positive impact in their lives.

Hanah was unsure of the career she wanted to go into but knew she wanted to make a positive impact on the lives of children and families. "After attending an open day, and speaking to the friendly staff, I found that my course would offer me a wide range of job prospects. This was perfect for me."

Hanah found when she visited on our open days, staff were helpful and able to answer all her questions. "This made me feel more relaxed in the University environment as I knew the staff were supportive. The University of Cumbria is within driving distance for me which was a big draw. This allowed me to be able to stay at home while studying, so I was also able to keep my job and carry on with the volunteering I do."

Hanah has also found the learning style on her course ideal for her needs. "The University has intimate class sizes meaning that you are not just a number, you are seen as an individual, tutors can get to know you and your learning needs. It also allows for in-depth group discussions which help to deepen your knowledge on a topic. This is the perfect environment for me as I need to make adaptations to be able to learn at my best."

The opportunity to complete placements as part of the Working with Children and Families course has been a vital learning experience for Hanah. "I did my first-year work placement in family support setting. This gave me an insight into the role of a family support worker and the environment of this role. From my placement experience, I have confirmed that family support is the career for me. Throughout the placement, I have networked and made important contacts that will be beneficial when I graduate and when looking for a job."

I love how broad my course is, this allows me to look at a whole range of factors that affect children, young people and families. I feel this broad knowledge will allow me to adapt to different jobs within the sector.

Hanah has found one of the best things she's learnt on her course is how to express her own personal views and ideas. "It is so important to be able to have confidence in your views and ideas, it will help to develop your knowledge. This has allowed me to adapt my views, taking into account how other people feel or see something. I think this is a vital skill as in the workforce you may need to express your own opinion but also understand how others feel."

The top things Hanah wishes she'd known before starting her course are: 

"That my learning disability will not hold me back. From speaking to the disability team, it has opened the door to a variety of help and support. Now I am receiving the support I have always needed, it has not only improved my academic skills but also my confidence in my own ability. 

There is support available, you just need to find it.

There is a lot of work but with good time management, it will get done.

Do not be afraid to email the tutors to ask questions before you start. They are there to support you!"

Hanah's last piece of advice for those looking to study Working with Children and Families is "If you do not have a set career in mind, that’s okay. This course is perfect for helping you find your dream career. Take every opportunity that comes up, this includes conferences or placement opportunities. It all helps develop your knowledge and skills."

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