Andy Ash is the Director of a primary school based Teaching School Alliance in the North West of England (Deep Learning TSA). He is a specialist leader for the teaching of mathematics and a teaching for mastery specialist working with the National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics (NCETM). As an experienced teacher trainer, he has worked with many schools in developing mastery-based approaches to mathematics teaching, including leading large scale curriculum development projects. 

PhD study: Exploring Teaching for Mastery, Mathematical Mindsets and the Development of Mathematical Thinking

Academic and research interests

Mathematics Education, Motivation, Mastery, Beliefs

Research supervision

Professor Pete Boyd


Boyd, P. & Ash, A. (2018) Mastery Mathematics: Changing teacher beliefs around in-class grouping and mindset. Teaching and Teacher Education, 75: 214-223. Available at:

Boyd, P. & Ash, A. (2018) Teachers framing exploratory learning within a text-book based Singapore Maths mastery approach. Teacher Educator Advancement Network Journal, 10(1): 62-73. Available at: