Dr Deborah Seward, PhD

  • Senior Lecturer (Primary and early years education) PGCE Primary Cohort Leader, Carlisle Campus.
  • Institute of Education
  • Education
Dr Deborah Seward, PhD

Qualifications and memberships


MA Education

PhD Education Research

Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

Professional Affiliate of the Chartered College of Teaching

Academic and research interests

Student teacher identity development

Leadership and management

Student and children's learning


Seward, D. and Renwick, A. (2012) Feeling like a teacher in the making: Teacher Identity in Year One Undergraduate Teacher Education [Power-point presentation BERA Symposium] University of Cumbria. 6 September.

Seward, D. and Renwick, A. (2013a),’”Choosing some teacher cardigans”: Teacher identity in year one of an undergraduate early years teacher education programme’, Tean Journal 5(3), pp. 17-26.

Seward, D. and Renwick, A. (2013b) Replacing the Cardigan: Teacher Identity in Year Two Undergraduate Initial Teacher Education Students. [Power-point presentation BERA] University of Cumbria. 5 September.

Seward, D. (2018) Creating Waves: undergraduate student teacher identity development [Power-point presentation LED] University of Cumbria. 23 May.

Seward, D. (2018) Undergraduate student teacher identity development: transformation, consolidation or rejection? [Power-point presentation ECER] University of Cumbria. 7 September.

Recent external roles

Primary school governor