Stephen spent 26 years in leadership and management roles in both publishing and logistics industries, including eight as Managing Director. 

His academic interest in senior strategic leadership grew out of this journey.

With so much executive leadership 'still a mystery', and the acknowledgement that 'old-style leadership' contributed to the 2008 economic crash, he joined the University of Huddersfield Business School academic staff to pursue PhD research as a non-disciplinarian. This is broadly in the area of senior, strategic and 'thought leadership'. And with a desire to stand back from the dominant ideas of leadership, with their reliance on traditional theoretical models, and instead scan the post-2008 leadership context: from the ‘art of leadership’, to its language, politics, and philosophies, that together evolve high performing leaders. Much of his engagement across West Yorkshire involved opening up dialogue, nurturing deeper engagement in boardrooms, with a focus on long-term value. Stephen says much of this was not complex, but often involved rediscovering the 'capacity to hold a strategic conversation' about what was 'ultimately important' to the business. He also led multi-stakeholder open space events in support of regional development, inviting building shared agendas. He points out that much of strategic development remains 'top down'. This still limits fundamental grassroots engagement and can destroy significant value. Future enquiry should continue to focus on the building of shared commitment. In time this reduces the costs of leadership and management, creating new capacity in both organisations and their communities.

Stephen returned to Carlisle last year, joining the University of Cumbria team, with a commitment to engage strategic leadership needs in Cumbria and the North West. And now the long-term business recovery from the effects of the 2020 Recession. 

Qualifications and memberships

PhD (Lancaster)

Executive MBA (Lancaster) 

PGCert(Mgt) (Open)

PCPD (Huddersfield)




2012 - University of Huddersfield Teaching and Learning Institute: ‘Inspirational Teaching’.

Academic and research interests

PhD: Late-modern voices of Leader-Self: Towards a Bakhtinian hermeneutic of senior-leadership interiority and orthodox purpose

An interdisciplinary study drawing on the scholarship of Mikhail Bakhtin and Zygmunt Bauman to examine ‘senior leadership voices’ and their relationship with orthodox notions of purpose in late-modern globalisation. 

As globalisation shifts during period of late-capitalism notions of strategy, purpose and progress are also adjusting for senior leaders. Working with senior leaders research considers new notions of value-creating strategic purpose. This includes considering how strategic value is maintained in a boardroom environment. 

Research supervision

Strategic leadership

Executive leadership

Global leadership

Strategic change



Reflexive methodologies


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