Sue is currently a Emeritus Professor in the Faculty's Research Institute for Professional Learning in Education (RIPLE) following her retirement from the post of Director of the centre. She has taught in higher education for many years, developing a particular interest in action research related to assessment, active learning and widening participation. Sue is a National Teaching Fellow and has published widely, particularly in the field of Higher Education Assessment. Sue's interest in assessment focuses particularly on how we manage our higher education assignments and examinations to support the achievement of students from under-represented groups. She has also researched and published on matters such as student skills development, group assessment, feedback, course design and marking. Her current work explores how academics use standards in their academic judgement, particularly external examiners, and how students understand academic judgement.

Qualifications and memberships

PhD Educational Research (Lancaster University)

Academic and research interests

Assessment in higher education

Academic standards Using teaching and learning to support non-traditional students Teaching and Learning for retention and achievement


External examining: fit for purpose? Studies in Higher Education (published on line 6th Sept, 2013) with M. Price. DOI:10.1080/03075079.2013.823931

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Conference Papers

External Examiners' Standards Examined: The practice of external examining in the contemporary quality assurance context of higher education Society for Research in Higher Education Annual Conference, Celtic Manor, Wales, December 2013 (with M. Price, J. Hudson, B. den Outer)

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Examining the examiners: investigating the understanding and use of academic standards in assessment, 4th Assessment in Higher Education Conference, Birmingham, June 2013 (with M. Price, J. Hudson, B. den Outer)

You can see the quality in front of your eyes: grounding academic standards between rationality and interpretation, paper presented to the European Association for research in learning and instruction Assessment SIG conference, Brussels, 28-31 August 2012

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Mark my words: An analysis of HE lecturers' essay marking approaches Society for Research in Higher Education Annual

Conference South Wales, 8th - 10th December 2009 (with P.Boyd, M.Ashworth and S.Orr)

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'Embedding Careers Advice and Personal Development Planning into the Social Sciences' paper to the 9th Quality in Higher Education International Seminar: Enhancing Student Employability, 27th-28th January 2005 (with A. Slight)

Web Publications

'Busy teacher educator guide to getting your conference paper accepted/writing an abstract for an education conference', ESCalate ITE Help Resource, 2008 (with A. Jackson)

'Busy teacher educator guide to assessment' , ESCalate ITE Help Resource, 2007

'Embedding skills and employability in Higher Education: an institutional curriculum framework approach', article for Members Resource Area, ILTHE website, January 2004

Recent external roles

Member of the Impact and Evaluation Group of VITAE Member of the advisory group developing the QAA Quality Code section on Assessment of students and accreditation of prior learning. (2013)

Member of the International Advisory Board HELO - Higher Education Learning Outcomes - Transforming Higher Education Project, Norway, (2012- date)

Assessment in Higher Education Conference (AHE) chair, (2008 - date)

National Teaching Fellowship (awarded 2007)

Society for Research in Higher Education (2007 to date) Member of the Higher Education Academy's Transforming Assessment Group Member of the Feedback: Agenda for change expert group

External examining at 9 UK Universities from 1988 to date including PhD examining at the University of B'ham, Oxford Brookes, Leeds Metropolitan University & University of Wales. Member of the Editorial Board of Practitioner Research in Higher Education (2007 to date)

British Educational Research Association (2005) and convenor of its Higher Education SIG (2010 to date)

Invited lectures in 6 universities in Australia and New Zealand, (Nov-Dec 2013)

Investigating the mismatch between the policy and practice of assessment judgement in higher education, Cambridge Assessment Seminar (Nov 2013)

Invited contributor, National Union of Students Education Conference, Manchester, 31st (October 2013)

Understanding the rules of the game: helping students really grasp what we are looking for when we mark, Keynote lecture at University of West London Teaching and Learning Conference (June 2013)

Assessment which works: enhancing student learning without killing the tutors. Keynote Lecture at Anglia Ruskin University Learning and Teaching Conference, (June 2013)

Fair and accurate marking of student work (including CTM projects): Some important questions and a few answers! Seminar for University of Liverpool Medical School. (2013) External examining: meeting the challenges of a 21st century role, for NUCCAT, Manchester (2013)

Developing and diversifying assessment to enhance student learning, keynote lecture to conference of internal and external examiners, Royal Veterinary College (2013)

Fit for purpose: diversifying assessment to meet the needs of a 21st century university education, workshop for Lancaster University Dept of Health Sciences.(2012)

Queen Mary, University of London, 'Understanding the rules of the game: helping students really grasp what we are looking for when we mark', April 2012

Assessment: Research and Innovation for Inclusive Practice Conference, Keynote lecture, University of Central Lancashire, July 2010

University of the Highlands and Islands, keynote lecture, Staff Conference in Learning and Teaching (May 2010)

University of Aston Seminar on assessment research April 2010 Liverpool University Assessment, student learning and feedback; keynote lecture, March 2010 Manchester Metropolitan University, Challenging Assessment Initiative conference, keynote lecture, September 2009.

Teesside University, The myths of marking in higher education: Some important questions and a few answers!

Staff seminar, September 2009 University of Portsmouth, Developing Effective Assessment in Higher Education, Seminar, May 2009.

University of Sunderland Feedback Colloquium, March 2009. Using assessment to support the achievement of diverse learners, keynote lecture, Cumbria Study of HE Network assessment conference Carlisle, 9th July 2008.

How can we use assessment to support transitions into and through higher education, keynote lecture, Solstice Conference, Edge Hill University, June 2008

Assessment: measurement, accountability or learning, keynote lecture, University of Kent Staff conference, Canterbury, May 2008.

What are we really trying to do with assessment in teacher education? - resolving conflicting purposes. Keynote lecture, ESCalate assessment seminar, 16th April 2008

University of Gloucestershire Higher education assessment practice as we know it: Can it and should it survive Liverpool Hope University pedagogical research seminar, February 2008 The central role of dialogue with tutors in students' perceptions of how they come to understand assessment requirements and feedback. Paper to the Literacy Research Centre, Seminar Series, University of Lancaster. March 2005 (with A. West) Active methods to accelerate students' understanding of the demands of HE assessment, workshop for Chester College of HE Learning and Teaching Conference, May 2004

Theories of Organisation and Managing Change - the manager's role in developing and improving practice. Keynote lecture, National Youth Agency Women managers' Seminar, March 1994