Tony Greenwood

  • Programme Leader for BA (Hons) Management and Leadership (for the Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship)
  • Institute of Business, Industry and Leadership
  • Business
 Tony Greenwood


Tony is an Information Systems academic. His current focus is on the Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship and Project Management programmes. Across the department, he has taught a variety of business and computing modules, especially those involving organisational behaviour, marketing and database management. He has worked with local businesses on Knowledge Transfer Partnerships and similar schemes, and regularly visits students who are working in management roles in SMEs across Cumbria as part of their degree apprenticeship or alongside their social enterprise activities.

He has been an external examiner and validation adviser for a range of undergraduate and postgraduate business, computing and digital marketing courses.

Qualifications and memberships

  • Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, 2016
  • MA Marketing, University of Cumbria 2010
  • MPhil (Student use of networked computer workstations: A microeconomic view), UClan 2001
  • PGCE, Liverpool University 1982
  • BA Economics, University of Lancaster 1980

Recent CPD includes Mental Health First Aider (August 2019) and Advance HE Professional Development Course for External Examiners (August 2020)

Academic and research interests

Tony's main teaching themes are information systems and decision support with some emphasis on marketing and organisational behaviour. He has taught Project Management, Database Management Systems, Organisational Behaviour and Marketing Research from these perspectives. More broadly, he has contributed to a variety of Computing, Finance and Marketing modules.

Much of his work has been project-based, either directly with students as they complete these as part of their course, or with businesses and students working together. The key issues for Tony are obtaining agreement amongst stakeholders on what the project consists of, understanding where formal Project Management approaches can help keep it on track, and deciding what will count as successful completion.

His work with students in local businesses has included software quality standards, e-commerce development, computer mapping for citizen science and marketing projects, and working with a consortium of independent retailers enhancing their collective web presence. These projects, and their effective management, support the businesses and feed into the curriculum. They have also influenced our Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship programme, informing teaching but also the regular review meetings that take place with academics, students and employers.

His research has been mainly pedagogic, done alongside colleagues working on the BSc Social Enterprise Leadership programme. His recent subject-focused work includes "Developing and Growing Knowledge within Rural Tourism Enterprises", published as Chapter 12 in Practical Rural Tourism and Enterprise: Management, Marketing and Sustainability, published by CABI.

Research supervision

  • Member of supervision team for Noorhan Abbas PhD awarded 2020: Fit and Appropriation Model for Training: An Action Research Study to Advance Mobile Technology Training in Police Forces
  • Member of preliminary supervision team for Matthias Meckel PhD awarded 2009: E-business strategies and SMEs, UCLan, 2009


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Greenwood, A. and Tate, J (2017) Developing and growing knowledge within rural tourism enterprises In Oriade, A. and Robinson P. (eds) Practical Rural Tourism and Enterprise: Management, Marketing and Sustainability, CABI

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See the Insight Repository for a fuller list of publications.

Recent external roles

Tony has held External Examiner roles for a number of undergraduate and postgraduate business and computing courses, most recently Plymouth University and Birmingham City University. He has been an external validation panellist for business and computing programmes, especially those delivered in partnership with other domestic institutions and in Greece and Ras Al Khaimah.