Have a look at our frequently asked questions:

What are the opening hours of the Careers and Employability Service?

The service is available every day of the week from 9.00am to 5.00pm at our Lancaster and Fusehill Street campuses. Staff are also available at Ambleside and Brampton Road – contact us at careers@cumbria.ac.uk for further details. We are available during vacations, including over the summer. Follow us on Twitter to be notified of any changes @UoCCareers.

Can I get help by email?

The Careers and Employability Service offers advice and guidance via email as well at careers@cumbria.ac.uk. We will get back to you within 5 working days so make sure you leave some time for us to reply. Occasionally, at busy times or during public holidays, it may take more than 5 working days to reply; however a message will let you know if this is the case.

What is 'Employability'?

Employability is all the different ‘stuff’ that makes you more likely to get a job – for example, the skills and experience you have, the knowledge you have and your personality traits. All of these come together to make you more employable i.e. more attractive to an employer.

What do the Careers and Employability Service staff do?

Loads! We work with all students and graduates at the University of Cumbria, individually and in groups, to develop your employability skills. We run workshops and events throughout the academic year, and we work with employers to help students gain graduate jobs.

How can I make an appointment with a member of staff in the Careers & Employability Service?

We offer 30-minute face-to-face appointments at our Ambleside, Carlisle (Fusehill Street and Brampton Road) and Lancaster campuses. If you can’t make a face-to-face appointment, we also offer appointments by phone or Skype. You can make an appointment via the library front desk on campus or by emailing careers@cumbria.ac.uk. When you book your appointment, please let us know what you wish to talk about, what you study, and which campus is best for you. Please also provide a contact phone number so we can give you a call if necessary.

What will happen at an appointment?

The session is driven by you - it focuses on your ideas, needs and any potential barriers you may be experiencing. We will discuss your requirements and what you want to focus on in the appointment and work on your career direction, goals and plans. It is practical and confidence-building.

I'm not sure what I want to do after my course – can you help?

Yes of course. A good place to start is this page on our website: Explore Your Options. Our Blackboard site also offers a number of activities which take you through some key aspects of Career Planning, finding and getting a job, volunteering and being your own boss.

In addition, the website TargetJobs.co.uk has useful sections on career options with your specific degree. There is also a guidance tool called Prospects Planner which can help you work out what jobs will suit you.

Can I still access the Careers & Employability Service after I graduate?

Graduates of the University of Cumbria can use the service for 3 years after they graduate.

Can the Careers & Employability Service help me find a job using social media/LinkedIn?

We have some great resources on Blackboard around using social media to find work. Login and click on the ‘Jobs & Careers’ link at the top, and then click on ‘Social Media, Networking and Branding’ to find a host of useful links.

Does the Careers and Employability Service arrange employer presentations/fairs?

We have a rolling programme of events and activities arranged with local and national employers from regular Mini Careers Fairs to larger events organised in partnership with course teams and specific to your subject area. Check the student global email to find out what is happening or visit our Careers and Employability News and Events page.

Where does the Careers and Employability Service advertise jobs?

We have a virtual job shop at http://cumbria.prospects.ac.uk/index.html where we advertise local, national and international vacancies aimed at our students and graduates. 

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  • Search for job vacancies
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  • Search our careers events calendar

We will also send details to course leaders when the vacancy relates to a specific course. We also use notice boards around the campus.

How can I find a part-time job while I study?

We have guides to finding part-time work in Carlisle, Penrith and Lancaster on our web pages.

You can also speak to a Careers Adviser about which companies recruit and how.

Is there a certain way to write a CV depending on what job you are applying for?

Every CV or job application you write needs to be tailored to the job or placement you apply for. There may be specific requirements with certain job roles you need to be aware of. Check out our Blackboard site, Jobs & Careers, for more information and our CV Builder in the ‘Get a Job’ section.

Careers Advisers can also help you make sure your CV/job application is targeted, so email careers@cumbria.ac.uk or make an appointment and bring along your draft CV/application.

What is Career Ahead?

Career Ahead is the University of Cumbria’s Employability Award. It is based on what employers look for in their ideal candidate. It will help you to identify any gaps in your skill set, reflect on your experiences and offer you the opportunity to participate in exclusive programmes and practice interviews with employers. You can find out more at https://www.cumbria.ac.uk/careerahead

Can I get advice on interviews? Do you offer mock interview sessions?

You can get advice on all areas of applying for jobs – and progressing to further study. Get in touch well before the closing date and we can help you identify the types of questions that you are likely to get asked. We can also offer a mock interview where we simulate a real interview scenario.

How do I go about getting a job abroad or studying abroad?

The answer to this depends very much on what sort of job you have in mind and which country! A good starting point is www.prospects.ac.uk where there are articles on Working Abroad and Studying Abroad.

Or you can email us on careers@cumbria.ac.uk

How do I start Career Ahead?

All of the Career Ahead resources are on BlackBoard. Login and click on the ‘Jobs and Careers’ link at the top of the screen. You can then find all of the information about Career Ahead in the menu. If you have any problems accessing the award, you can email careerahead@cumbria.ac.uk for help.