Career Ahead is the University of Cumbria's Employability Award. It is designed to help you recognise and develop your employability skills, providing you with a greater opportunity to get the job you want when you graduate.

What is Career Ahead?

Career Ahead, Career Ahead is a flexible points-based programme that rewards you for extracurricular activities and engagement with the Careers and Employability Service. It enables you to reflect on the skills you have developed and articulate these when making job applications.

Have a look at the next section ‘What activities can I do?’ for a full list. Career Ahead is accessed via My Career Enriched, your career hub, and can be found under 'Pathways'. As you complete activities, Pathways will track your progress.

Each activity you complete will provide you with points to reach the Bronze, Silver and Gold levels of the award. You need: Bronze:150 points; Silver: 300 points; Gold: 500 points.

Once you have gained 500 points, you can apply for your Career Ahead certificate. To do this, book a ten-minute Career Ahead appointment with a member of the Careers Team. This informal meeting is an opportunity for you to talk about your Career Ahead journey, reflect on what you have gained from the activities and discuss with us your next steps. Your Careers Adviser will then arrange for you to receive your certificate of achievement. To make a Career Ahead appointment, go to My Career Enriched.

Career Ahead appointments can be via Teams, telephone or by request in person.














































What activities can I do?

Career Ahead gives you a choice of activities to complete - you choose how you want to gather points to reach each level.
You can choose from the following activities to be awarded the points shown:

Attend a Careers appointment 100 points

Book and attend a careers appointment through My Career Enriched to discuss any careers-related information, advice or guidance. This can be by phone or online. Once you have attended and participated, you will be allocated your points.

Work Experience 100 points

Upload evidence of 100 hours of work experience or a 500 word self reflection.

Any activities you do outside of your course during your time at university can count towards Career Ahead. Activities such as volunteering, a part-time job, membership of clubs/societies and internships all count.

Complete an activity sheet to record your hours and upload it to the Career Ahead pathway on My Career Enriched to get your points. If for some reason, you are not able to volunteer or work during your time at university due to other commitments/reasons, you can complete a 500-word skills reflection instead.

CV Application feedback 100 points

Upload a CV and cover letter or an application and supporting statement to the Career Ahead pathway on My Career Enriched and you will be provided with feedback and allocated your points.

Attend a mock interview 100 points

Book and attend a mock interview through My Career Enriched. We can provide a tailored mock interview for you to practice, receive tips and strategies to be successful at job interviews. This can be by phone or online. Once you have attended and participated, you will be allocated your points.

Attend workshop* 50 points

Career Ahead workshops will run either as part of your course (ask your tutor) or you can choose from a range of workshops and webinars available throughout the year on My Career Enriched - search for 'Career Ahead Workshops'.

LinkedIn Learning 50 points

You can claim points for Career Ahead by completing a LinkedIn Learning online training course. You can find out more about LinkedIn Learning on our webpages. We have recommended a range of short digital capability courses which will help you to develop your IT skills, support your studies and give you additional skills for your future career. However, there are many courses to choose from that all count towards your Career Ahead award. Each short course comes with a Certificate of Completion, which looks great when added to your academic achievements in your CV.

Union Black 50 points

Union Black: Britain’s Black Cultures and Steps to Anti-racism.

This free online course from The Open University, Santander Universities and Future Learn introduces the history and context of Britain’s black cultures and steps we can all take to anti-racism. Watch this short introductory video for information. Complete Union Black in two parts: a short 1-hour taster and then progress to a flexible 6 hour course you can complete in your own time. Santander Scholarships Studies | UnionBlack Course (*Receive 50 points for the introductory course) You will need to upload your certificate within Pathways on My Career Enriched to receive your points for Career Ahead.

Pathways* 50 points

Pathways offers free online learning to boost your knowledge and skills.

Gain the insights and skills you need to shape your career journey. Learn directly from industry experts and young professionals with videos, quizzes and real-world activities. Topics include key employability skills: critical thinking, teamwork, how to boost your commercial awareness and many more; as well as career development pathways such as finding career inspiration, how to make successful applications and how to build connections on LinkedIn.

Attend a Careers event 50 points

You may attend a careers event as part of your course, or a general UoC careers event. Providing we have proof of participation and attendance you will receive points towards your Career Ahead award.

*Please note that although you can attend as many workshops as you like, a maximum of 3 workshops and 3 online training modules count towards Career Ahead. All other careers activities are counted only once.

How do I get started?

Career Ahead is accessed via My Career Enriched UoC’s careers hub. You need to be a current student to complete the award and you will need to activate your account, by completing your profile. Career Ahead is in the Pathways section.

Pathways will track your progress as you attend workshops, events and appointments and engage with other careers and employability activities. Each activity will provide you with points to reach the Bronze, Silver and Gold levels of the award.

Get started now by going to My Career Enriched, click on Pathways and start the 'Career Ahead' award!

If you have any problem accessing Career Ahead or My Career Enriched, please contact